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The author’s project “Yerevan Bestseller” of the “Armenpress” media agency presents the ten best documentaries this week. Ranking data is based on February sales results.

Primarily Elon Musky’s book When Everyone Is Against You. Elon Muskey about himself. The book contains excerpts from interviews and speeches by one of the most influential people in the world, Elon Musk. Thematic sections of the book are devoted to his various fields of activity: SpaceX and the colonization of Mars, Tesla Motors and electric vehicle distribution, SolarCity and green energy. In addition, Elon Musk’s brilliant statements and thoughts on employee policy, work, and life in general are cited.

In second place – John Strelka, the world’s bestseller “Café apocalypse”. The book’s hero escapes from the chaos of his life and finds himself in a cafe at the end of the world, where he rediscovers the meaning of his life in his conversations with the waiters. The book will help each reader determine the meaning of his existence, change his life, and give an incentive to meet in 2021 as a new person.

“The Big Five for Life” by John B. Arrows – in third place. In the Armenian translation, the book is called “The Five Great Aims of Life.” This is another work of the famous American writer, author of the world bestseller “Cafe at the End of the World”, coach John Strelecki. The book is about a businessman named Thomas Dirrell, revealing the secrets of an effective, popular and successful leader. It is full of business tips, interesting and fresh ideas to rethink and reassess life.

Robin Sharma’s “5 AM Club” takes fourth place. This is an act of motivation, here Sharma advises to get up early in the morning. Following the example of Sharma’s heroes helps the reader become successful, happy and why not – likable. The characters’ travels through different countries, full of interesting adventures, make the book more interesting and attractive.

Fifth place: Narin Baghdasarian’s book “On the Way to Light”.. The book absorbed the life experience of Narine Baghdasaryan, a longtime yoga teacher. It reveals the “paths to the light”, the paths that Narin preaches, and the ways to achieve peace and harmony between the human body and soul. This book contains theoretical and practical advice and talks about love.

The book “Jargin Nazdeh. Biography, Reflections” by Raphael Hambardzumyan in sixth place. A selection of the main moments of the activity of Gargin Nazda, his sayings, a list of published and unpublished books and articles make this work a unique encyclopedia about the leader of the Armenian liberation war of the twentieth century. The book notes that Gargin Nazda is one of the exceptional figures in global military and political thought of the twentieth century, and the book presents his unique role in the world history of military science and military art.

James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits” came in seventh.. Atomic habits reveal small changes of great power. Have you ever developed a new habit and failed? After reading this guide, you will understand that the problem is not with you, but with the system. Based on scientific data, his own experience, and the stories of other successful people, James Clear shows that the core of every habit is a system that, when carefully analyzed, can shake off bad habits and make good ones inevitable.

At number eight, John Strelka took the eighth bestseller in the world “Back to the Café at the End of the World”. When you look at the starry night sky, you actually see less than 0.0000005% of the stars in our galaxy. And this is just our galaxy. There are at least 125 billion galaxies. If there is a supernatural force capable of creating all this, then your dream is certainly not beyond its capabilities. Follow this power…

Joe Girard’s book How to Sell Anything to Anyone took 9th place. Joe Girard is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for selling 1,3001 Chevrolets. Raised in a poor Sicilian family, Gerard recounts his career as a salesperson in this worldwide bestseller, presenting the secrets and techniques of his success. It will surely come in handy for any seller in any field. As the author himself says: “If I can do it, you can do it too.” How to Sell Anything to Anyone is one of the best books in business.

Yuval Noah Harari bookSabines. A brief history of mankind The tenth place. One hundred thousand years ago, at least six human species lived on Earth, and today there is only one “Homo sapiens”. What happened to others and what awaits us? Most books on human history take a historical or biological approach, but Yuval Noah Harari breaks all stereotypes with this very original book. Its history began 70 thousand years ago, when the worldview first appeared. Harry talks about how the developing world has affected the world’s ecosystem and created empires. The author connects history and science, reconsiders shared viewpoints, connects the past with contemporary issues, and considers individual events in the context of big ideas. Harare makes you look into the future, because in recent decades, people have begun to circumvent the laws of natural selection that have governed life for four billion years. Where does all this lead us, and what do we want to be?

“Yerevan Bestseller” was presented by Rosa Grigoryan.

The list does not include books acquired by the “Bestsellers in Yerevan” project.

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