What to eat in the post: Advice from a dietitian

From March 7 to April 24, the Tyumen Orthodox Lent is celebrated. Nutritionist Yulia Litvinskaya told Today’s Tyumen region magazine how to spend this time with the maximum benefit for the body.

– Fasting is primarily a refusal of something, and we are talking here not only about products of animal origin, but also about deeds and deeds. From a diet point of view, fasting is vegetarian, and it must be considered in this association. One can argue for a long time whether vegetarianism is useful, since animal protein contains essential amino acids that a person, in principle, cannot obtain from other sources,

I noticed.

According to the expert, often the real reason why a person feels good after giving up meat is poor digestion of animal protein. Vegetable protein is easier to digest, it seems to a person that he feels light, energetic, and so on.

– Animal protein is poorly digested, and undigested protein turns into pathogenic bacteria, as a result, this leads to an increase in the level of toxins, and a person does not feel comfortable with meat products. In this case, it is better to work on the assimilation of animal protein than to completely abandon it and go to a vegetarian diet, because sooner or later a person can fall into a deficit,

says the nutrition expert.

Best of all, animal proteins will help absorb pickles in an acidic environment. For example, meat can be preserved in lemon juice or kiwi slices. Meat is also well marinated with ginger, which improves its absorption, but, for example, try soaking duck in cherry puree. It’s simple: take fresh frozen cherries, grind them into a puree and put the raw bird in it for an hour, then simmer. In these simple ways, our body will only thank you.

– In order for a vegetarian diet to return benefits and not lead to a lack of vital nutrients and protein, you need to follow a few simple rules. The main mistake of this diet is the abuse of simple carbohydrates. When a person has a large amount of rice and potatoes and at the same time there is not enough protein, the craving for sweets grows – the body simply needs energy. As a result, he begins to eat more sweet foods, and more sugars, and therefore people do not often lose weight on a vegetarian diet, but rather gain weight. And a lot of people don’t feel good about it. However, it is necessary to focus not on simple carbohydrates, but on complex carbohydrates. These are brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, buckwheat, legumes,

Yulia Litvinskaya says

A nutritionist recommends soaking legumes and grains to reduce phytic acid levels. It removes vitamins and minerals from the body, which was already lacking during the period of vegetarianism. It is best to soak the legumes for a day, changing the water several times during this time, with lemon juice, salt or natural apple cider vinegar. Cereals with the same additives are enough to soak overnight.

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It is also better to exclude instant cereals from the diet. There is nothing healthy about them. Choose gluten-free, whole-grain, long-cooked oatmeal.

Be sure to add nuts to the fasting diet if there is no intolerance. We also make sure to soak them because they are also rich in phytic acid. Additionally, soaking helps remove the sulfur dioxide preservative, an allergen that manufacturers often process nuts to preserve. Make sure to wash it well and rinse it with boiling water, it may have mold. It is also important to add hemp to your diet. Hemp seeds are also available. It is a superfood for vegetarians because it contains the essential amino acids found only in animal protein.

The specialist explains.

Often during people


Osta in a large number of soy products are introduced into the diet. According to Yulia Litvinskaya, not everyone will benefit from it in large quantities. For people with thyroid problems, it is best to limit foods such as tofu or soy milk. Moreover, many vegetable substitutes contain undesirable additives, and here it is very important to look at the composition. These products usually contain a lot of sweeteners that hide the sugar underneath. For example, it is molasses or fructose. It is convenient to use mobile applications to check the composition of products.

Strict fasting is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women. In addition, vegetarianism may not be genetically suitable for humans. In case of anemia, after a viral infection and during stressful situations, you should also not focus on this diet. However, eating less meat products can be beneficial. There are even special studies that say that the abuse of red meat can be harmful to health,


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