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Oil stocks are doing well in 2022.

If you’ve been following this sector since 2020, this might come as a surprise. In the era of self-isolation, oil prices have actually fallen below $0 a barrel. This means that some traders were paying buyers to take their oil!

World events again affected the price of oil in February 2022. This time, the price of oil rose to its highest level since 2008. It still exceeds $100 per barrel. As Europe abandons its dependence on Russian oil, the movement in this sector may be very long.

Or green energy can enter the world and cure our addiction to oil forever! I don’t know. That’s why it’s best to react to the market – never try to predict what’s going to happen.

First, let’s go back to history…

Oil is one of the hottest sectors in 2022

When Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine at the end of February, experts predicted the upcoming growth of gas companies …

I don’t mean to reduce the private process to a stock catalyst. I sympathize with all those affected by these terrible events.

Nobody likes the fear that comes with war or anything else that hurts others. But in our niche, fear creates opportunity.

Gas prices soared in 2021. Shares of real gas companies like Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) are also up…

But oil stocks did not budge until Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine. Take a look at the rise of Indonesia Energy Corp. Ltd. (AMEX: INDO) in February. We rode it very well!

What is the difference between these two companies? In 2021, Chevron was producing more than 1.8 million barrels of oil and natural gas per day. INDO produced 9,900 barrels of oil per month in 2018.

CVX trades on value basis while INDO trades on speculation. This speculation can create a lot of volatility.

At the time of writing, we have been in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict for over a month. Oil stocks fell again, which were rising in early March. But I don’t think the growth is over.

Sanctions continue to threaten the Russian oil sector. Even if the special operation ends soon, some economic changes may be permanent.

That is why I will continue to monitor this sector. You never know when some big news will cause oil stocks to go up a penny again.

Why do you need to keep a watch list

At the beginning of the Special Operation, everyone was talking about oil. The big steps taken by the major oil producers that month did not surprise anyone.

30% of moves like what Chevron did are great for long-term investors.

Traders like us were most excited about the INDO rally of 1800% in late February and early March.

A month later, top-performing stocks in this hot sector basically fell…

It doesn’t matter which traders have a plan. If you follow the INCO team rules, you will no longer own these shares. You set reasonable goals and reject deals that are less risky than you.

What matters to us is that these stocks have gone up in the past…

This means that it can grow again.

Smart traders don’t try to predict when or if this will happen. What they do is monitor these stocks. As such, they are ready to take action that may surprise the rest of the market.

Top 10 Penny Oil stocks to watch in 2022

Penny’s oil stocks saw a boom in late February/early March. We have run out of sympathy (the slang we use for trading) with bigger stocks like Chevron.

Some, like INDO and IMPP, have lived their own lives.

Like I said before, I don’t think the oil sector is going to decline anytime soon. The special operation is still raging, and there are more serious sanctions at the negotiating table. What if Europe finally stopped buying Russian oil?

Maybe we will see more news on oil stocks soon!

Houston US Energy Corporation (AMEX: HUSA)

HUSA is an oil and gas exploration and production company in Texas and Louisiana. As far as I can tell, not much oil is pumped out from these statements. The company’s website states “significant growth potential and short-term cash flow”.

Remember: Don’t believe a word from any small stock company. What you can believe is the behavior of the price. Its volume increased from time to time until the end of March.

Until March 7, it was fairly stable in the $1.50 range. Take a closer look at this indicator on the $5 breakout

Enservco Corporation (NYSE: ENSV)

ENSV is a service provider for the oil and gas industry. It was also one of the stars of the hot oil sector for the month of March.
Keep this company on your radar. The market remembers everything. When the oil warms up again, there is a chance that the ENSV will rise.

Imperial Petroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: IMPP)

While we talk about stocks that traders will remember, let’s spend some time at IMPP. IMPP is a Greece-based shipping company that specializes in oil and gas transportation.

It was also one of the biggest hits in early March.

IMPP does not technically refer to stocks with a low (floating) equity turnover. In February and March, about 40 million shares were traded per day on average. That doesn’t count towards the end of January when it closed at nearly 100%.

Take advantage of this promotion!

Nine Energy Service Inc. (NYSE: Nine)

Nine Energy Service Inc. (NYSE: Nine)

NINE has only had one big splash.

It went all the way from $1 to $8.10. This is enough to keep it on the watch lists of many traders.

NINE is a Texas company that helps build oil wells. This is a real company with international operations that has suffered greatly from the era of self-isolation.

Keep this stock on the radar as you crack $3

US Well Services Inc. (Nasdaq: USWS)

This oil company is a hydraulic fracturing service provider based in Texas.

On March 8, it made significant progress, but did not hold any of its levels. With over 41 million shares outstanding, it takes a huge volume to move those shares…

Its volume in March exceeded that of the deposit twice.

The USWS has been hit hard by the pandemic. His financial performance is not particularly inspiring.

Keep this stock on the radar as you break through the $1.5 level.

Evolve Transition Infrastructure LP (AMEX: SNMP)

SNMP is active in the manufacturing sectors. The past few years have been tough. Its rise in February-March increased its value by about 300%.

It has a fairly small (floating) equity turnover. Keep this stock on the radar for a break of $0.80.

Abraxxas Petroleum Corporation (OTCQX: AXAS)

AXAS is another oil company with incredible potential on top

According to the latest report, this company has $229 million in “proven reserves.” This refers to the selling price of oil that is waiting to be produced.

I am more interested in its fractional value. The AXAS chart for March is similar to many of the other fees on this list.

What sets AXAS apart are the pre-March rounds. If they were before, they can start over. Keep this stock on the radar when the $2.5 level is broken

TransGlobe Energy Corp. (Nasdaq: TGA)

TGA is a Canadian exploration, development and production company. All of its facilities are located in Egypt, where oil production is increasing. The country is the largest oil producer in Africa outside of OPEC.

TGA has not seen the same drop in profits as other companies in the sector. Its value has been steadily rising since the end of 2020.

Definitely a great company for a swing stand! Key Hold Level (Stop Loss) – $3

New Concept Energy Corporation (AMEX: GBR)

New Concept Energy Corporation (AMEX: GBR) GBR is active in oil and gas exploration in the northeastern United States and Canada.

They made a nice rally in March, but that’s not what makes these stocks special.

Look at January 2021. Then it was Mimi’s work. It jumped from $2 to $30 and then down again.

As soon as there is an interesting catalyst related to the oil, you need to take this action into service!


These days we can’t count on anything…

If you want to survive in this market, maintain restraint and discipline!

None of the stocks on this list are reliable. And we, the merchants, do not want them to be traded.

Maintaining reliable watch lists is an essential part of preparing. And when you are ready, you can trade in any market.

What do you think of the Penny Oil stocks on this watch list? Were you ready when the strip was last hot? Write your opinion in the comments!

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