“We need to plan for the development of the power system.” About the prospects for “green energy” in Kyrgyzstan

In the next issue of Perekrestok, we discussed the prospects for the development of renewable energy sources in Kyrgyzstan, the so-called green energy, and the problems faced by representatives of this industry. The President of the Center for the Development of Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Efficiency, Tatiana Videneva, and President of the Association of Renewable Energy Resources, Eleonora Kazakova, participated in the program.

Aztec: Tatiana, we discussed this topic literally two years ago. Then the pressing problems in this area were touched upon, in particular legislative problems. Have these problems been resolved in the past two years?

Tatiana Vedeneva.

Tatiana Vedeniva: We decided, then we did not dare again … As always, we are constantly in the process of improving legislation, rather than trying it in practice. When we last met, it was, in my opinion, 2019. Amendments to the Renewable Energy Law were just adopted, after which the provisions of the statutory law began to be developed, which were supposed to determine the rules of the game – where to go, what documents to submit, what You do to start generating electricity from a large solar plant, from a hydroelectric plant, etc. e. How to do all this, how to sell to the state, what documents to collect in order to conclude contracts, etc.

This provision was developed and approved by the end of 2020, after which the registration process for those wishing to do so began. Then the sentence was suspended, because they decided that it needed to be rebuilt and improved. We improved it with the Department of Energy in a couple of months. Then we changed the leadership of the Department of Energy. Then the process of listing all the legislations began, in the framework of which it was decided to amend the Renewable Energy Law. And this happens all the time: sometimes the law changes, sometimes there are no bylaws, that is, but they also need to be changed. That is, at the moment, there is actually no approved business plan.

Aztec: Eleanor, as far as I know, you have work in this field. Has the demand for green technologies increased in recent years?

Eleanor kazakova: interest of the population, including businessmen, for

Eleonora Kazakova.

Eleonora Kazakova.

Energy efficiency, for the solar technologies we participate in, is gradually increasing. But due to the fact that last year was still a crisis, many entrepreneurs in this field are not good with finances. Therefore, people ask, decide something for themselves inside. That is, interest is growing, but so far I can not say that sales have increased significantly.

Aztec: You also have small hydropower stations. As far as I know, in this area there are not only legislative, but also tariff-related problems. Is it profitable to build small high power plants with the current electricity tariff?

Eleanor kazakova: Now, if we recalculate the formula stipulated in the laws on renewable energy sources according to current tariffs, then this is the maximum tariff – 24 times 1.3 – it turns out to be 2.91 som. In fact, it costs about 3 cents. If we talk about the construction of small hydropower plants, then, in principle, everything in the world is calculated according to some average indicator, that from three cents it is already possible to start building the plants, so that they can be very profitable. But as always, again, it all depends on the project.

In principle, it is already possible to build small hydroelectric power stations. And in confirmation of this, there are enough local entrepreneurs who are already carrying out such construction, even now at the expense of their own initiative, in anticipation of the laws and regulations that will finally start working. So far, one might say, they are taking risks, but nevertheless, when we talk about tariffs, all the same, of course … Tariffs, firstly, we have defined som, there is no indication of it, there is no correlation to the dollar exchange rate. The equipment is imported, now we have no domestic production, only some basics. And tariffs, of course, should provide for mandatory growth and keeping pace with the times.

Aztec: Any, you generate electricity for industrial subscribers?

Eleanor Kazakov: Exclusively for business entities. It is clear that today the population, if given the opportunity to buy electricity for less than a cent, would not buy it for three cents or more. Except in the event of a power outage. We went through this situation in 2008, when people called us, even those who live in private houses: they were ready to buy two, three or four, if only there was electricity.

Aztec: Let’s hope it doesn’t happen this year…

Tatiana Vedeneva: There is little hope, you know. You can hope, but you need to plan the development of the power system. Our population is increasing, as is the consumption of each of us from year to year. If 20 years ago there was only one TV, refrigerator and something else in the house … Now we have many TVs, many computers, many gadgets, etc., that is, not only the population, the consumption of each of us is also increasing. And our energy system is already running at its limits, we’re already consuming everything we produce. So it is necessary to either import or produce electricity here with us. And then we have a choice of what to support – the economy of Kazakhstan, for example, or our economy, the support of our entrepreneurs who are ready to build small hydropower plants, solar power plants.

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