We are looking for an alternative: which heating system to choose so as not to overpay for the bills? – your house

A major drop in electricity prices is not expected any time soon, forcing homeowners to look for opportunities to replace energy-intensive heating systems with more efficient systems before next winter.

“At home, solar panels are the best and easiest way to start producing 100% clean energy, thus saving on electricity costs. The savings come from electricity fees, grid fees, plus state taxes, and can be Reselling all unused electricity back to the grid.She added that in the end, green energy is cheaper for the end consumer.

According to Kredex, for the installation of solar panels in small apartment buildings, besides insulating the roof or roof facade, a state subsidy is also provided, in the amount of 30-50% of the cost of the entire renovation. This subsidy is for homes built before 2000.

In addition to solar panels, for example, a geothermal heat pump provides a lower heating price, which is four times more efficient than electric heating. “Because a geothermal pump uses the energy stored in the earth for heating, it is very environmentally friendly. Geothermal heating also heats domestic water more economically than an electric boiler, and a geothermal system can last up to 25 years.”

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that in order to install a geothermal collector around the house, there must be a plot of about 600 square meters, the installation of which requires extensive construction work.

Tiitsaar says that an air source heat pump or air-to-water heat pump is well suited to cover a small heating demand or additional heating.

“For example, when an average heat pump produces 5 kWh of thermal energy, it uses only 1 kWh of electricity for this purpose, and the rest is free heat energy obtained from the air. Compared to electric heating, the pump saves Thermal savings up to 80% of electricity costs,” explained Savings.

Although the air source heat pump is the cheapest and easiest way to replace the above heater, it should be noted that this solution is better suited for an open house, and while the air to water heat pump is easier to install than a geothermal system, it also involves extensive construction Scope. Served to connect an air-to-water heat pump to radiators or underfloor heating.

The solar plant will pay for itself in about ten years

According to Nele Roostalu, Head of Product Management at Inbank Group, due to the rapid rise in electricity prices, consumers have increased interest in investing in energy-efficiency solutions to reduce household electricity costs, so Inbank began offering a green energy loan. “With green credit, we want to give consumers the opportunity to make the investment they want, which, on the one hand, helps keep their monthly expenses in check, but at the same time makes their homes more environmentally friendly,” she added.


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