Vagan Aliyev: Azerbaijan has excellent alternative energy resources

Azerbaijan has excellent natural resources for the development of alternative energy.

The report was narrated by the President of the International Academy of Environmental Energy, Professor Emeritus at Oxford University Vagan Aliyev.

He noted the possibility of using renewable energy sources not only in the Caspian Sea, but also in the country’s rivers: “In Soviet times, it was believed that 5 billion kWh of energy could be obtained from rivers here. Then scientists from Norway conducted a study in Azerbaijan and reported That 40 billion kWh of energy can be obtained from these rivers, the Absheron Peninsula and the Caspian Sea are important in terms of wind power generation, however, it is impossible to use this energy in Baku because it is a densely populated city, but you can use solar energy and install Solar panels on the roofs of buildings.

The government is taking important steps in this regard.

The professor noted that our country is currently carrying out work aimed at generating wind energy at sea: “The head of state attaches special importance to the use of renewable energy sources. And despite some activities in this direction, due to the lack of an appropriate approach to specialists, the necessary work was not carried out. Now the country has started a new phase in the use of solar and wind energy. This is a very positive factor. Solar energy will be used in the liberated lands and in Kardagh, and wind energy in the Caspian Sea. The basis for this work has already been laid. Arab investors invest in this field in Azerbaijan. Foreign companies know that Azerbaijan is rich in oil and gas and can guarantee the implementation of renewable energy projects.

Green energy will benefit the country

Our interlocutor noted that the age of oil around the world is coming to an end: “As you remember, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico dealt a huge blow to fisheries, leaving many people out of work, and BP to pay huge compensation .. we have no such These cases .. But the Caspian Sea is polluted .. The previous level of fishing in the Caspian Sea .. It would be very beneficial if we increase the intensity of wind power generation in the Caspian Sea.

By creating a system for the use of renewable energy sources in the liberated lands, in Garadag and other regions of the country, by increasing the hybrid systems, we are thus making a significant contribution to the industry. This work is of great economic, social and political importance, and we should commend the steps taken in this field.”

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