The tragedy of the firstborn: Riga journalist needs help with treatment

Especially for Igor Maiden, as part of the campaign “Day of Good Deeds on Radio Baltkom”, a charity phone was connected to the “Green Lantern” program. Phone number 90006384. Call fee 1.42 EUR.

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… The problem happened with Igor in the fall of 2019 – he was beaten up at a concert at the Palladium, where he came to present a photo report to the newspaper.

The ambulance doctors did not consider it necessary to immediately take him to the hospital – as a result, Yegor ended up on the operating table only a few hours later – during a complex operation, he was already withdrawn from the next world, and then spent 8 days in a coma.

Due to a brain injury, he survived two cerebral hemorrhages and was on the verge of death. The result – paralysis of the left side of the body.

Then Igor was discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair. Doctors told friends who were nearby that if in two years he learned to move from a bed to a wheelchair on his own, it would be successful.

Then Igor himself decided that he would do everything that counted on him so as not to remain still. For two and a half years, at the cost of incredible work and perseverance, he stood on his two feet, leaning on a stick. True, the left leg (more precisely, the ankle) and the left hand are not yet “turned on” – and they do not obey. In order to finally recover, he needs extensive and very expensive rehabilitation, for which Igor does not have money to pay.

Now the recovery is very active (daily training and lessons with a variety of specialists pay off). He’s too afraid to back out – now a turning point has come. And in no way does he want to go back to a wheelchair again and be a burden to his loved ones.

need help.

Help account opened at BeOpen Foundation

How is Igor?

After this tragedy, help was collected for Igor as part of the Green Lantern program, and he was able to undergo an intensive rehabilitation course at the ADELI Medical Center in Slovakia. He re-learning to speak, smile, sit, move his fingers, walk, and rely on rolling with wheels.

The neurorehabilitation programs after traumatic brain injury at the ADELI Clinic are among the best in Europe. Igor worked with a team of physiotherapists, speech therapists, chiropractors, masseuses and nurses under the supervision of experienced neurologists.

Igor admits that after Slovakia he literally came back to life. I am very grateful to everyone who subsequently responded and helped pay for the treatment: “Thank you for finding people who are interested!”

During this time, he also underwent plastic surgery for reconstructive skull, underwent a rehabilitation course in Vaivari and Ligatne, daily exercises non-working muscles, works with physiotherapists.

Igor lives in Čiekurkalns alone in a one-room apartment on the fifth floor. He walks leaning on a cane with his working right hand. The left leg is pulled along the floor. I learned how to hold buttons with one hand. He cannot tie the laces on his shoes on his own – he simply tightens and bends them. Friends transformed the bathroom for him – they installed a special chair and moved the taps to another wall, under the labour.

Now it takes Igor up to 10 minutes to go down the stairs into the street. It takes half an hour to walk to the tram stop 200 meters from the entrance. Three weeks ago, he debuted – independently learned how to enter public transport – trams and buses. I was scared and ready for this event – I even called to consult with Regas Satixmi.

Dreams and cactus flower

Of course, during this time, who also fell into epidemic quarantine, he had to endure fear and despair, pull himself out of depression several times and force him to move on. So that Igor would not be depressed, his friends gave him a luxurious cat named Emmanuel, in everyday life – Mona. Igor has no soul in him. In general, by nature, Igor is a real fighter and loves life. Always full of energy and new plans. During the epidemic, he prepared a collection of memoirs of his travels in Siberia. He dreams that he will be able to publish it as a book with the help of writer Dalia Truskinovskaya.

“Siberia is one of my favorite places on earth,” says Igor. – One of my favorite books is “Gloom River” and his films “Dirso Ozala” and “Master of the Taiga”. During the time I am recovering, I reread the collected works of Shishkov twice …

Igor Siberia is a unique place of strength and great experiences. – When you stand in the steppe, turn around your axis and in all directions towards the horizon there is only a steppe – a feeling of space. Or as if you were in a small boat in an endless ocean … Or you go to the taiga for two weeks to “live as a savage” and feel complete harmony with all living things …

Igor would very much like to have the collection published with his photos. Now on 500px, Igor creates “galleries” – he uploads albums of his photos that he took in different countries of the world – wild animals, seas and oceans, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Latvia, India …

How did this happen

On that fateful evening, Igor, as a journalist, attended the performance of the Alisa group to prepare reports for several publications. The group’s new album was presented. Everything was coordinated with the party organizers in Latvia. But, as it turned out, they did not coordinate the filming of the concert with the management of the group. Although the audience filmed the scene on mobile phones.

“I started taking pictures, the group manager showed up, the guards attacked me, I put the camera away and I was about to leave, saying I didn’t need scandals. But then the guards dragged me into the corridor, and I got hit in the head from behind. I mean, I didn’t even see the guy’s face .

The blow was professional (the police confirmed the fact that it was made as a sports technique) and was so strong that Igor lost consciousness.

It should be noted that “Alyssa” for Yegor is a favorite group since childhood. “When I was seven years old, I watched Cracker with Konstantin Kinchev and fell in love with this music. My mother, to please me, gave me the record ‘Energy’. It was my first personal recording – remembers Igor.” And now I dream of going back in time to that day. Not going to that concert.”

The police arrived at the crime scene and called an ambulance. Doctors said that there was no need to be hospitalized, the head injury was not serious. After that, Igor was taken to the police station to testify. When his friends brought him home at night, he could barely speak. The hematoma on the head increased every minute, and painkillers did not help. At night, the ambulance was called again. When the doctors arrived, Igor could no longer move on his own … In the hospital, it became clear that without a craniotomy he simply would not survive.

Who is the culprit?

If first-aid doctors would immediately take Igor to the hospital and immediately provide help, then all these serious consequences could have been avoided. But in total, nearly seven hours were wasted. It’s a miracle he was ever saved. He spent 8 days in a coma.

A criminal case was opened regarding what really happened in 2019, but the investigation continued for an unimaginably long time. According to Yegor, perhaps one of the reasons is that the security officers who beat him can also work in the police – police officers often work part-time in security companies after service. Recently, a new investigator was appointed to this case. Igor hopes that the process will move forward.

What do you need money for.

Qualification course on vibration simulators. Igor’s individual program was developed by physiotherapist Evgeny Abrosimov, a former athlete and engineer, the creator of unique simulators for the recovery of athletes after injuries.

Regular lessons with coach Vitaly Bercello in the gym. In the first lessons, when Igor was brought into a wheelchair, the instructor tied him to the simulators with duct tape – Igor himself could not hold on, and his arms and legs slipped. Training gives excellent results. You can’t quit smoking, you have to keep going. Igor intends to achieve full rehabilitation.

The cost of the annual program is 8000 euros.

Charity Phone 90006384

He works for Igor Maiden until April 19. The cost of the call is 1.42 euros.

BeOpen Charitable Foundation has opened a help account

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Mers: The lamba. Palidzība Igoram Meidenam

No interest or deductions are taken from the funds received in the account.

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