The right to happiness. Yasnaya Polyana hosted a tour of the Higher School of Dramatic Art

Tula Brands writes that third-year students of the acting department of the Higher School of Dramatic Art (Konstantin Raikin Theater School) on the eve of World Theater Day performed on the stage of Yasnaya Polyana House of Culture.

The task of the educational institution is not only to give students a profession, but “to influence the stage so that this work becomes a way of life, a way of being, a way of knowing reality, and not a service, but a service, akin to religion …”.

Tours of the Yasnaya Polyana Higher School of Dramatic Art have been organized regularly since 2015. Students and teachers not only present their works to the public, but also learn about the life of the museum, visiting the estate and the writer’s house.

This time the novice actors – students of Alexander Koroshikov’s workshop – gave a literal performance of the performance “This is an example of love for you …” and a graduation performance based on Alexander Ostrovsky’s play “Food at someone else’s feast”.

– Performing on the Yasnaya Polyana Theater is a great responsibility. It is an honor, a test, and a joy. Moreover, today is the premiere of our performance “Hangover at a stranger’s feast”. Previously, only his closest friends and parents had seen him, – says Alexander Koroshikov.

Despite the classic source, the students were able to tell an exceptionally vivid story that takes place in the here and now. There is an opinion that the show can only take place in cooperation with the audience. And the hall responded to young artists in return.

The course is attended by children from different cities of our country. They came to Moscow from Simferopol, the Arkhangelsk region, Yekaterinburg, the Krasnodar Territory, Ufa, Kazan … The extensive geography was reflected in the evening literal performance “This is an example of love for you”.

The work on the subject of the character is a documentary theater. The task the students received was to look for interesting pictures from real life. Young people gave interviews, recorded them on video and creatively developed them, solving them in their interlocutors. The work took into account many details: age, marital status, personalities. But the main thing is that the letter is literally preserved. According to the teacher of the Higher School of Theatrical Arts Sergei Vitalievich Shintalinsky, 15 stories told in non-stop format are the study of the day: what hurts us, what we are happy with, what we laugh at, how we talk, express ideas and build sentences.

There is no dramatic brilliance here, but in every artifact there is destiny. These are real people who live in different cities of our country, – Sergey Vitalievich confirmed before the start of webtim.

The performances on the Yasnaya Polyana Theater were created with the participation of the teacher of the Higher School of Dramatic Art Fyodor Parasyuk. For him, this course is his first teaching experience. When the applause subsided and the audience left the hall, we were able to speak.

Fedor, the audience received both shows equally warmly. And this despite the fact that the products are fundamentally different: classics and innovations.

– First of all, it was really fun to show completely different things. Ostrovsky is our Shakespeare, and webratim gives us the opportunity to offer a different documentary approach to theatre.

According to reviews, the daytime performance “A hangover at someone else’s feast” made an exceptionally bright impression on the audience. Don’t you think this isn’t completely isolated?

– Alexander Nikolaevich has the richest palette of plays. A few dozen. The most different: from fairy tales to tragedies. The early works, namely “The Hangover at a Stranger’s Feast”, are distinguished by their lightness. Perhaps they are dramatic imperfectly, but in this “lax” where there is life, energy and youth. However, in general, we adhered to the word of the master.

But the last point is up to you… how else would you explain the happy ending?

The difference between show and play is that no one invents it, but it is created by joint efforts and with the help of above. Here the same thing happened.

The course was a semester of Ostrovsky’s study. The teachers made excerpts from different plays with the students. We chose the scene between Andrey and Lisa. Then it was already decided to turn it into a show. At first, I saw romance and light sadness in the play, while the students, on the contrary, perceived this story exclusively as an incredibly funny comedy. I did not resist them. It makes no sense at all. Their desire to make something easy and joyful was dear to me. We argued for a long time about the end. He took the opinion of Kira Nasunova, who plays Lisa. She always said, “I think everything will be fine with them.”

A happy ending is a firm theater decision. Remember how Tarantino in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, contrary to the truth, left Polanski’s wife alive. Art can say: “Everything will be fine.” Even if everyone knows that’s not true. But the world we create on stage or on screen has a right to kindness. So, Lisa and Andrey got their chance. But what if…?

It turned out convincingly. Love triumphed over ignorance, tyranny and misunderstanding.

Moreover, if you now ask people how the Ostrovsky story ended, the answers would be completely different. Everyone has the right to realize it. And after the performance, women, for sure, noticed one thing, men – another.

The second student’s work is webratim. Can we say that the future belongs to such theatrical innovations?

– Webratim is not such an innovation. In the 1920s, Vsevolod Meyerhold gave a show in which the theatrical script was diluted with the current news of the past day. The words in their current form came to us from the English theater “Royal Court”. Then came “Teatr.doc”, where plays were created on the basis of tape interviews, sites and forums on the Internet. There are now many scripts written using webratim technology.

What does webratim give to novice actors?

– The craftsman is very useful for students. At the beginning of the training, the guys make sketches “I am among the proposals”, that is, in different situations you play yourself. Just to learn how to breathe on stage. The next stage is the text written by the author. It is often difficult to “assume” what others are saying. Webratim makes it easy to get to this stage: you can pronounce someone else’s text, but you understand how the author spoke about it. Almost all institutions use this technology in teaching. It clearly shows that there is no single plan behind the text. Sometimes someone jokes, but it’s clear that he’s hurting, he’s broken and trying to hide something beyond pretending to be cheerful. Text is just words His transition from the theater a huge life.

How did the disparate training loops in a show form?

– Traditionally, vibatim tend to work on a socially important topic: pensioners, children from orphanages, immigrants. We started during a period of self-isolation, the focus was on couriers, then neighbors and friends appeared … The idea developed on its own, and it turned out that all our heroes regardless of place of residence, age and views, are united by the search for happiness.

And they went on the path of Leo Tolstoy … He was sure that the “green wand” containing the recipe for happiness was hidden in Yasnaya Polyana.

– but we do not present webratim as a ready-made solution to a philosophical problem. This is a search, a search. However, the result was interesting, and I want to share it.

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