“The Multipolar World” or “The World of Isolated Blocks”?: Colonel Cassade – LiveJournal

“A multipolar world” or “a world of isolated blocks”?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will divide the world economy into two blocs for a long time. The world will face the “hypocrisy” syndrome on a global scale. Leading nations will “close themselves in” to meet their needs, and the members of the “little league” will leave the idea of ​​”sustainable development” aside.

The two “black swans” – the global pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict – have brought the entire world to the brink of a historic turning point. In a world in which “global free trade” prevails due to the phenomenon of “globalization”, where countries supply goods of more than ten or fifteen thousand kilometers, will it be possible to reduce global carbon emissions, and make the global supply chain sustainable at a reasonable cost? Or while some of the world’s leading countries continue to put the concepts of “global climate change”, “carbon emissions”, “zero waste” and “green development revolution” on the agenda of the global economy, will these countries continue to buy goods from countries that cannot, For many reasons, give priority to these concepts or do not intend to pay attention to them?

We are facing a syndrome of “hypocrisy” on a global scale. The leading countries will “close themselves in” to meet their needs, and we, under the influence of the irreparable consequences of the epidemic and military conflict, will move from “absolutely free” and globally implemented international trade to (intra-) regionalization. – regional trade) and supplies to neighboring countries (near supports)? Are we going to deal, on the one hand, with the member states of the High Standards Association, that is, a group of countries that maintain and improve standards and focus on the concepts of “clean environment”, “zero carbon emissions”, “comprehensive rights for workers”, “green energy” , “sustainable development”, and, on the other hand, with the member states of the “low standards association”, which give priority to “cheap production by all means” and reject the concept of “sustainable development” side by side?

The world is developing towards a “multipolar system” based on “centers of power” distinguished by its economic, political and military strength, an international economic and political system equipped with global standards, in which the concepts of “climate security”, “food and water security”, “green energy”, “zero carbon”, “zero waste” and “sustainable development” are seen as “common values” ? Or will we be drawn into a “world of isolated blocks” when global standards disappear, and each individual creates his own “standards” and fences off the rest with thick lines? Can we overcome the deep conflicts, shocks, and major global and regional consequences of the epidemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict? Can we persuade the world to fight for a “common future” without losing or destroying international platforms like the G-20?

The next two years will be largely characterized by the search for answers to all these questions. The World Trade Organization (WTO) says: “The military conflict between Russia and Ukraine could permanently divide the world economy into two blocs. Therefore, the ‘rules-based international order’ is of great importance and can play an important role in addressing the negative effects of the current crisis.” The International Monetary Fund (IMF) notes: “A scenario in which fragmented blocks can form, adhere to different standards, and barely trade with each other, points to catastrophe and long-term risks to the global economy.” Thus, the United Nations, which initiated the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the World Trade Organization and the world at large, have a very important mission to protect and improve accepted universal values. , global standards, global rules, as well as ensuring non-repudiation.

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The “world of isolated military blocs” is a transitional stage for the transformation of the unipolar world order. As a result of the American global cold war against the Russian Federation and China, as well as a whole series of local army and coups, the notorious multipolar world will be formed, which will be provided by the uncreated form of military-political coexistence. We are still at the beginning of this journey.

The “rules-based world” (or rather, American rules) is crumbling. Most of the institutions it provides either evolve (in order to adapt to a world of conglomerates and multipolarity, or die. In a multipolar world, the “rules” dictated by one country will not work.

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