The Kola NPP Information Center celebrates the 15th anniversary of the first round

15 years ago, the first round took place in the information center of the Kola NPP. During this time, the center’s staff received more than 80,000 guests and conducted about 4,500 excursions.

After visiting the information center of the Kola NPP, you can get acquainted with the entire cycle of electricity generation at a nuclear power plant – from the process of fission of the uranium nucleus to the appearance of electric current in the network, learn about the history of the construction of the city of Poliarnje Zori and the nuclear power plant.

– One of the directions of the social policy of the Kola NPP is to support talented young people in our nuclear city. We pay great attention to career counseling, and support for adolescents’ career self-determination. The exhibits in our center are of interest to everyone, often during excursions there are many questions, which indicates a sincere curiosity and desire to learn atomic sciences. In the future, we are waiting for curious children to join us as young professionals, and our future with them,” said Igor Kutuzov, Deputy Director of Human Resources.

Information management and public relations professionals easily and interestingly tell adults and children about even the most complex production processes. By visiting the excursion, the younger generation will be able to learn more about the disciplines required at Kola NPP, which universities are best to enter and how to get a targeted direction. Kindergarten pupils get acquainted with energy in practice: by moving a bicycle with a dynamo, you can see how mechanical energy is regenerated into electrical energy. The Infocenter also hosts creative competitions in various areas on the topic of environment and nuclear energy, for example, “Energy of the North” and “Green Planet”. Presentations on the topic: “Introduction to Nuclear Energy”, prepared by a friendly information management team, provide schoolchildren with basic knowledge that allows them to participate in various development projects: “A step into the future”, “Kurchatov’s readings”, “Nuclear energy for children academic” . High school students also have the opportunity to visit the KNPP protection fire station and learn about the work of a mobile radiology lab.

Do you want to know the scheme of operation of the Kola NPP, see the electrocardiogram of the reactor, how are the radiometers and the fuel cartridge arranged? We invite all interested people to take free tours to the information center, in addition, you can visit a full-scale simulator of the NPP block dashboard and trout farm. details Register by phone 8 (81532) 4-41-11.

Photo: Information and Public Relations Department of Kola NPP

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