The conflict between first and last entry: How to hold the Our Yard discussions in Chile 03.09.2022

Two years ago, the Our Yard program was implemented in the republic. The 2022 list in Chelny included 147 regions. Of these, 11 courtyards in 54 complexes. In early March, the architect-builder of the Urban Development Institute of the Republic Oleg Gordenko I came to Motor City to answer residents’ questions about how to coordinate their view from the window.

– There was a signal from the residents – they cannot participate in the meeting. It is important to us that all residents can express their opinion, so we picked up this sign and arrived, listened and talked. In fact, the vast majority of residents at this meeting were initially. So they already know the context. Nobody had critical questions, – he shared them at the end of the meeting.

The discussions took place in the courtyard of house No. 54/15. Residents of the courtyards of the participants in the program surrounded Gordienko and asked clarifying questions, which the architect answered by showing the planning project on a tablet. And some, frankly, did not understand the meaning of the meeting, since at previous meetings all their questions had already been answered, but they came after the working day, so as not to miss new details.

ZHREU Community Relations Specialist No. 1 Irina Chudova and Chairman of the Board of Directors of TOS “Energy” Galina Kuznetsova He spoke in detail about work on projects with residents of the small district, which will be coordinated according to the presidential program. Each square of 54 blocks was divided into 11 layout plans. All the seniors at the entrance were notified of the meeting, and each brought people to the discussion. As a result, a group of activists (7-8 people from each house) was organized in each yard, which determined the landscaping options. According to Kuznetsova, a large number of proposals were received, the highest priority of which was included in the design maps of the squares. This was the first phase of the project.

– And so in every yard there was a round. After there was a meeting at the school, they brought ready-made projects, taking into account the wishes of the residents, which can be implemented, ”recalls Chudova.

The first and last entrance struggle: an additional meeting was held in Chelny with the residents of 54 compounds

The designer of the Our Yard program showed and explained to the residents what was being done and what was not possible due to mains heating or other means of communication on site. According to the interlocutors, representatives of the houses approached her and discussed in detail the emerging issues. Executive Committee representatives, designers, MUP PAD and seniors gathered from home. In total, according to the head of TOS, about 30 people attended. The community outreach specialist added that they started working with 53 complexes, each house was given 15-20 minutes.

– On New Year’s Days, we worked on all the cards. What was shown at this meeting is already a project, taking into account the comments we received from residents at the meeting at the school, – commented Kuznetsova.

According to the head of TPS, no one from the residents said they were dissatisfied with the project.

– Nobody would mind. On the contrary, everyone is happy, because they see how others have already done it. Kuznetsova added that there were no resentments or complaints from residents.

Chudova indicated that the announcements of the meeting were suspended more than once, and discussions took place with each house.

“Most of them are in the parking lots,” replied Kuznetsova. We have very narrow roads. Everyone was told that the roads would be widened. Expansion will be everywhere where communications do not pass.

She added that the people are concerned about the playgrounds and the fences surrounding them.

Everything will be directed to the benefit of the person. No comments, – commented on the results of the meeting. – The projects are aimed not only at rolling the yards into the asphalt, but, on the contrary, everything is done to increase the number of parking spaces in the yards so that cars do not drive on the sidewalks.

The first and last entrance struggle: an additional meeting was held in Chelny with the residents of 54 compounds

According to the head of TPS, in the fall, not under this program, but with the help of parallel work of the city and the Criminal Code, they plan to remove all large emergency trees. Either they are too close to the blind areas of the houses, or inclined, that is, they pose a danger to residents. Instead, coniferous trees will be planted, as in a number of other complexes.

According to the Our Yard program, the changes will also affect the stadiums.

– New game items will be left over and old items removed. They organize a sports area, a children’s play area and recreation places for pensioners, – Kuznetsova included.

The first and last entrance struggle: an additional meeting was held in Chelny with the residents of 54 compounds

Chudova noted that all pensioners asked for at least two seats – I want to sit in the yard and talk with the neighbors. Pensioners are pleased that they are waiting for large hard seats with backs. When a pair of benches are provided, two benches will be placed as well.

There will also be areas for sorting garbage, provided for in the program.

– Despite the presence of only a few people, the meeting was fruitful, – Gordenko expressed gratitude for the event and detailed answers to questions of interest to the inhabitant of the 54th complex, who was not present at the last meeting. – There have been many proposals, for example, to remove the two hemispheres from the sidewalk of the house 54/16, not to create several parking spaces in the yard, and to turn the yard into a “metal pile”, since the yard space is small and children play in the yard . Also, expand the parking spaces behind Building 54/15, install additional lighting poles, organize the location of a container for garbage barrels (at the moment, bins with garbage are located behind Building 54/15 in the parking area under the windows of the house). The designers provided a preliminary scheme. This was the second discussion with residents, the first meeting was held on December 18, but few people know about it, and they have not seen any advertisements.

In addition to expanding roads, waste-sorting areas, and new playgrounds, residents are waiting for new lighting and stadium exit restrictions. How will it look? When exiting the sidewalk to the road, the two hemispheres will be located on their sides, so that when the inhabitant leaves the playing field, the parked car does not block the view of pedestrians or the passing car.

The Battle of First and Last Entrances: How the Our Yard Discussions in Chelney

– Add to their proposals to fill the stadiums. Gordienko said that they will be taken into account when forming a complete list of equipment.

The opposite was a new platform. The first journalist in Kazan wondered if they would leave her.

– leaning, – the interlocutor explained the reason for his removal. – Most likely, there is a violation of the normative distance. It should be in sight: the child should not slip, fall, and so on. It should be firmly rooted in the ground. Most likely, this site was previously installed in violation. We will install new equipment and platforms.

The first and last entrance struggle: an additional meeting was held in Chelny with the residents of 54 compounds

There will also be new maps.

We approach each yard separately, ask what their needs are and install exactly the equipment that these residents need. We do not have a standard set of equipment that we stamp for all yards, – the architect added and emphasized that at every meeting there is a designer who sets desires.

Speaking about the expansion of the road, residents do not need to wait for large parking spaces, because the green area in the yard, in principle, is already small.

Small extensions only to allow cars to pass. Also here in the yard there is a big problem of parking on the sidewalks. It is clear that we do not have the task of filling the entire need for parking, because the program focuses on the pedestrian environment. But nevertheless, we also pay attention to parking, that is, an expansion will be carried out opposite the arch along this corridor up to six meters and along this corridor up to 4.5, – the spokes pointed towards the arches.

The first and last entrance struggle: an additional meeting was held in Chelny with the residents of 54 compounds

At the meeting, they also expressed a proposal that they would not be able to implement.

– We have here a diagonal berth according to the project that connects to the transformers of the substation. And in this place there are a very large number of cables. In such places it is not possible to build a pier, because the soil is dug up and we get to the cables themselves, ”Gordenko stressed the seriousness of the situation.

An alternative option was to direct the sidewalk to the middle of the courtyard, and then go to the path that leads along the entrances.

– There were no proposals fundamentally different from the project. Basically, the questions were about the fact that people might not fully understand the scheme, and not everyone did. Explanations were given. The most important thing was to show how to improve their yard–the hubs hung. – Most often, when we work with some kind of conflict in the yard, this is not a conflict between the participants in the implementation of the program and the residents. This is a conditional struggle between the first and last entries. Residents sometimes find it difficult to agree. Within the framework of such meetings, they have the opportunity to discuss something among themselves and find solutions that will satisfy everyone.

During this year, it is promised that all work will be completed in full.

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