Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years – scientists

Solar powered electronics are getting closer to becoming a daily part of our lives thanks to a “radical new” scientific breakthrough. In 2017, scientists at a Swedish university created an energy system that captures solar energy, stores it for 18 years, and releases it as heat when needed. The researchers have now been able to … Read more

Is nuclear power environmentally friendly enough for Brussels?

There is debate in Brussels over whether nuclear power should be considered sustainable. If it does not affect climate change, investment in it as green will be encouraged. The European Union’s 55% cut in carbon emissions by 2030 calls for the phase-out of petroleum products, natural gas and coal, but does not include a “nuclear … Read more

New steps towards decarbonization: what are the prospects for green energy development in Ukraine – Economy

Green energy will allow you to have energy independence Ukraine develops renewable energy sources / Photo: Collage: Today Experts believe that renewable energy sources can provide sufficient and reliable electrical supply around the world until 2050. This is proven by simulation results conducted by the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland. According to Novoye Vremya, … Read more