Opinion: “Green Agenda” ends with European energy

Europe is taking urgent action to combat the looming energy crisis. Poland is looking for coal, France is reviving nuclear power, and Germany is buying gas from the United States. Why is all this unlikely to be effective and how does one’s policy literally kill the EU population? Europe is increasingly concerned about the growing … Read more

Everyone wore large wide-leg pants this spring: what fashionable shoes of this season are best combined with Palazzos, Culottes and more

Plus size clothing has become mainstream this year. It turns out that baggy pants were fashionable in the spring: culottes, palace, joggers. Such things do not give up their positions this summer either, because fashion designers managed to appreciate the convenience and comfort of wearing such products. If you still do not know which shoes … Read more

Opinion: Two reasons, three factors

According to Bloomberg Intelligence forecasts, global LNG production in 2022 will reach 455 million tons, about 70% of this volume will go to buyers under long-term contracts, and the rest will be sold on the spot market. In theory, there is gas on the world market to replace the declining supply from Russia. Another confirmation, … Read more