Solar energy: advantages and reliability

Did you know that PV is getting more and more profitable every year? This is due to the ever-rising prices for electricity worldwide – cheaper solar panel technology and more expensive electricity dramatically reduce the payback period of power plants. An additional advantage that the owner can use during the installation of the PV installation … Read more

How does “green” energy stay during war

Renewable energy sources (RES) is the trend of the last decade. In Ukraine, in recent years, such stations have been actively built, thanks to investments and the availability of a special “green tariff”. How do the “greens” live in difficult times of war on the country? From the first day of the war a focus … Read more

Ruukki factories in Pärnu now run on 100% green energy – Economy

According to Christian Kurt, President of Ruukki’s Baltic Region Business, using 100% renewable energy in factories is part of Ruukki’s sustainability policy: Favoring green energy is one of the simplest steps we can take towards a greener lifestyle.” Ruukki entered into a green energy supply contract in 2021, and now the company’s Pärnu plants use … Read more

How Lithuania made the leap towards green energy | Europe and the Europeans: news and analysis | DW

According to Eurostat, in 2018, the European Union’s share of energy from renewable sources (RES) averaged 18%, while in Lithuania this figure reached 24.5% (in 2010 – 19.6%). Lithuanian experts say that Vilnius was able to achieve this result, first of all, due to the active use of solid biofuels (pellets and chopped wood) for … Read more

The share of “green energy” in Germany for the first time exceeded 50 percent in the first half of the year | News from Germany about Germany | DW

Renewable energy sources (RES) made up 50.2 percent of Germany’s electricity consumption in the first half of 2020. For the first time, “green energy” provided more than half of the electricity used in the country, according to preliminary data from the Federal Confederation of Energy and Water Companies (BDEW). ), released on Thursday, July 30. … Read more

Solar energy – for German trains (photos) | Germany information and travel tips | DW

Blau am See • By 2038, German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) intends to switch completely to electric power from renewable sources – solar, wind, biomass and water. This year, its share of the group’s expenses will exceed 60 percent. In particular, a few years ago, all German ICE express passenger trains and IC / … Read more

″ Green ″ Energy in Ukraine: Germans are advised to hurry | Ukraine and the Ukrainians: A View from Europe | DW

“Ukraine has great potential.” During the 30 years of independence, Ukrainians often heard these words from foreign politicians and businessmen. They also appeared at the Zoom conference, which was arranged on Monday, September 6, by the Eastern Committee of the German Economy. The main topic of the two-hour discussion was “green” energy in Ukraine. Nord … Read more

How do you get rid of old wind turbines? Germany experience | Analysis of the events of political life and society in Germany | DW

Those who see wind turbines from afar are unlikely to have an idea of ​​their true size. After all, windmills are usually too far away or too high to see in detail. And only if they are lying on the floor – disassembled and ready to mount or have already taken their time, you can … Read more

How gas and corn turned almost green in the EU and what it means for Russia Europe and the Europeans: news and analysis | DW

The European Commission has decided to include gas and nuclear energy in the list of “green” technologies. The European commissioners approved the corresponding law at their meeting on Wednesday, 2 February. But it will come into force no later than four months after that, if it is not banned by the Council of the European … Read more