“What’s wrong with the girls’ parents?” Why don’t we enroll our girls in chess and other “male” activities

A few years ago, it was planned to make chess a mandatory subject for study at school. The idea has failed, there are fewer and fewer chess clubs available, and girls hardly ever go there. why? Our blog reflects Julia Rick. After the release of the “Queen’s Move” series, chess immediately became the subject of … Read more

The share of green energy in Russia will not exceed 4%

Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Wednesday during a government hour in the State Duma, that by 2035, the share of renewable energy in the Russian energy balance will grow to 4%. The general scheme for the placement of electric power installations establishes a rational structure of generation capacities until 2035, which will be generally … Read more

On the path of “green” energy – Kommersant St. Petersburg

Maximization of the volume of “green” energy generation and the replacement of traditional sources with renewable ones are the current trends in the development of the global energy industry, which Russia is also actively trying to follow, although the actual indicators in this area in the country are still far behind the planned plans. The … Read more