Sun energy. A solar power plant may appear in Orel-RBC

The Crimean SPP Perovo with a capacity of 105.6 MW and the Okhotnikovo plant with a capacity of 80 MW became the largest solar power plants, and the third SPP Samarskaya with a capacity of 75 MW. At the moment, about 80 stations operate in Russia.

“The share of renewables in the unified energy system of Russia does not exceed 1%. The installed capacity of eligible solar power plants is just under 1.5 GW, or about 1% of the country’s total power plant capacity. Not the entire territory of Russia is suitable for the construction of solar power plants, however, solar power plants are widely used (after hydroelectricity) from alternative energy sources, ”says Konstantin Prisukhin, head of the financial and economic department of AltEnego LLC.

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Today, Russia is included in the rating of 15 countries that produce its own units, and in terms of efficiency we are in the top three with a value of 23.5% of the conversion to clean electricity

“Many places in Russia have about 300 sunny days a year. Panels in Primorsky Territory, Transbaikalia, Crimea, Krasnodar Territory and other places will make it possible to create a renewable, environmentally friendly and independent source of energy. Not to mention the presence of floating solar power plants that relocate and do not occupy the land. Today, Russia is among the top 15 countries that produce its own units, and in terms of efficiency, we are in the top three with a value of 23.5% of the conversion to clean electricity. Today, engineers and scientists are working to increase this figure, because the development of solar power plants in Russia will give Also an impetus for electric transport.Vladimir Sokolov, CEO of Black Horse Holding, explained that more autonomous stations will appear in the country, where drivers can refuel with environmentally friendly “fuel”.

Popular power plants

According to the forecasts of the International Energy Agency, in 30 years solar power plants will be able to produce up to 25% of the world’s electricity. There is now a program to support the development of renewable energy sources for the period from 2025 to 2035. During this period, it is planned to introduce about 6.7 GW of renewable energy capacities, of which more than 2 GW are from solar energy. Said Natalia Sokolova, Head of the Department of Environment and Environmental Protection of the Federation Council Committee on Agro-industrial Complex and Nature Management, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANO Ravnopravie.

The Ministry of Energy plans to build 1.5 gigawatts of solar energy by 2024. This means that the development of a similar branch of the electric power industry in Russia today is receiving attention. We have already reached the level where components for wind farms and solar power plants are being produced in our country,” commented Sergey Sizhikov, General Manager of Donenergo.

There is already a successfully implemented project of a solar power plant in the Chernozem region. AltEnergo has been developing from the vicinity in the direction of “green energy” for a long time. So, in 2010, solar and wind power plants were commissioned in the Belgorod region, and in 2012 the most powerful biogas power plant in Russia was launched. In 2015, the capacity of the biogas plant was increased from 2.4 MW to 3.6 MW. The company’s specialists helped implement biogas projects in other regions of the Russian Federation: in the Republic of Tatarstan, in the Kursk region, in the Moscow region.

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