Solar energy: advantages and reliability

Did you know that PV is getting more and more profitable every year? This is due to the ever-rising prices for electricity worldwide – cheaper solar panel technology and more expensive electricity dramatically reduce the payback period of power plants. An additional advantage that the owner can use during the installation of the PV installation from the offer are subsidies, for example, under the green tariff program or the facilitation of the thermal modernization of the building, which will result in the investment of a shorter period of return in the PV installation .

green energy

According to experts, in the future, when electricity prices will rise further, the expected payback period may change from 6-8 years to 4 years! Each subsequent year of operation of the PV modules is an increasingly noticeable profit!

The installation of photovoltaic cells increases the property value

Solar energy has many advantages – thanks to it you can:

  • become independent of energy
  • Save on bills
  • Start with clean energy
  • Increase the value of your property!

Despite the growing interest in investing in PV modules, part of the population still fears that the purchase of solar panels will not pay off quickly enough to profitably sell the property on which the PV cells are installed. Now, when the world is witnessing a real boom in green energy, the presence of solar modules on the roof of the building is a very desirable component of the real estate market. Such an investment can significantly increase the value of a home or business, thus eliminating the risk of incurring losses. According to experts, within a few years after the installation of the photovoltaic system, up to half of the costs can be compensated.

The undoubted advantage of a site-mounted PV installation is that it loses little in value – the standard for modern installations is an 85% performance guarantee up to 30 years! For this reason, when evaluating a home or outbuilding with a properly installed PV plant, it is possible to add the costs associated with investing in PV systems to the base price of the property!

The service life of PV installations is about 30 years.

Solar energy is an investment that will bring benefits for years to come! The oldest PV plant in Europe is almost 40 years old? It was installed in 1983 in Switzerland and still works great! Solar panels are a simple and permanent solution to getting power from the sun – when installed correctly, all necessary components are hidden under the panels, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them. Solar modules are also not subject to mechanical damage, since their mobility is relatively low, and the resistance to weather damage is high.

It is estimated that older generations of PV panels (manufactured between 2000 and 2010) have reached the age of 25 years. Manufacturers now offer a warranty of more than 30 years on the panels, which is evidenced by the increased lifespan of solar modules driven by technological change and component improvements. It is estimated that the service life of photovoltaic panels can reach 40-50 years, but the condition is the proper selection and installation of them by experienced specialists, that is, using the services of a trusted company with good customer reviews.


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