Ruukki factories in Pärnu now run on 100% green energy – Economy

According to Christian Kurt, President of Ruukki’s Baltic Region Business, using 100% renewable energy in factories is part of Ruukki’s sustainability policy: Favoring green energy is one of the simplest steps we can take towards a greener lifestyle.”

Ruukki entered into a green energy supply contract in 2021, and now the company’s Pärnu plants use hydroelectric power produced in Europe and heat generated from biomass in Pärnu.

According to Kurt, the consumption of renewable energy compared to conventional electricity is comparable to recycling, as opposed to landfilling: “Steel is already the only roofing material in the world that can be 100% recyclable, and we plan to take it one step further. Moving towards zero-manufacturing carbon”.

Ruukki Construction has set a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 25% by 2026. “This can only be done if factories, including equipment, become energy efficient and use energy from environmentally friendly sources. Our goal is to make our steel-based building materials They are the best in all aspects, including sustainability. On this path, the use of green energy is inevitable,” Kurt explained.

The Ruukki plants in Pärnu consume about 1,350 MWh of electricity annually. This means that when switching to green energy, about 1,350 tons of carbon dioxide will not be emitted into the atmosphere, which is required to produce this amount of conventional electricity. “This is the same amount of emissions produced by a car with the environmentally friendly engine EURO6 liter 90,000 times on the Tallinn-Parnu road. Four people who have been traveling from Tallinn to Pärnu every day for their entire lives could have made this number of trips in just one year. , Ruukki will reduce Pärnu’s CO2 emissions by the same amount these four people will produce in 50 years,” as Kurt noted for example.

In addition to achieving carbon neutrality, Ruukki’s sustainability plan also aims to reduce material waste in the production process. In addition, products are packaged using more environmentally friendly materials and logistics are streamlined to keep Ruukki closer to the customer and produce and deliver products exactly when they are needed.

Read more about Ruukki’s sustainability policy here.

Ruukki Construction offers steel construction materials for roofs and walls. The company owns the Ruukki and Plannja brands. Ruukki Construction plants in 10 countries employ a total of 1,400 people. The company’s net sales in 2021 amounted to 590 million euros.


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