Nuclear and gas stations received a “green” rank. But at what cost | Energy | in the news

Brussels has finally decided to consider natural gas and nuclear power plants as sufficient green sources of energy for favorable tax and investment conditions. It seems that a long and stormy debate between supporters and opponents of nuclear and gas energy, as well as the enemies of both options, has ended amid the protests of … Read more

Dozens of Israeli companies have applied to participate in projects in Karabakh – Ambassador (Exclusive)

Baku, Azerbaijan, October 15 Israeli companies have applied through the Israeli embassy in Baku to participate in projects in Karabakh, said the Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan George Dick in an exclusive interview with Trend. “More Israeli companies have applied in this regard directly, rather than through the embassy. I suppose we are talking about dozens … Read more

The world is turning into “clean” energy. What stocks will benefit from this :: News :: RBC Investments

Many companies are now striving to meet ESG standards. But there are companies whose environmental friendliness is undoubted – from the field of alternative energy. Here are 3 promising stocks of ESG from the environmental sector Photo: shutterstock Green energy is a trend, no matter how oil, gas and coal proponents like it. And this … Read more

Several EU countries are calling for nuclear energy to be recognized as “green” by the end of the year

The Prime Ministers and Ministers of Energy and Economy of France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Croatia and the Czech Republic issued a joint statement on the importance of nuclear energy development. They consider it necessary to recognize nuclear energy as “green” before the end of the year – this could help deal … Read more

Since the beginning of 2021, only 20 percent of wind turbines in Germany have been loaded | News from Germany about Germany | DW

Published on Thursday, October 21, data from the German Federal Statistical Office showed the extent to which renewable energy sources depend on the weather. In the first half of 2021, only 20.9 percent of wind turbines in Germany were loaded, according to the report. Solar installations fared worse, with an average utilization rate of just … Read more

Green Energy and the Crisis of Transformation – EADaily World News Today. World news October 16, 2021. World news 10/16/2021

The backdrop for the fall of 2021 was the global energy crisis, which began to smoothly turn into a general economic and financial crisis. The crisis is spreading like wildfire from one energy market to another. The economic recovery that began quickly after the Corona virus faltered in its global centers due to energy. China … Read more

Alternative Energy Sources: What You Need to Know

Green energy is chosen by states, cities, businesses, and citizens. We tell how renewable sources are moving from the category of alternatives to the main ones, how they are developing in Russia and the world, and what the future holds for them. What are alternative energy sources Renewable energy comes from sustainable sources such as … Read more

Patrushev spoke about why the West supports Ukraine’s “green” energy Patrushev spoke about why the West supports Ukraine’s “green” energy Patrushev told why the West supports Ukraine’s “green” energy – RIA Novosti, 10/30/2021 Patrushev spoke about why the West supports Ukraine’s “green” energy Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council, said that the West supports “green” energy in Ukraine to force it to … Read more