In Kazakhstan, the price of electricity will rise – until a nuclear power plant – a caravan is built

At the beginning of March, the price of Russian gas in Europe swelled to nearly $3,900 per thousand cubic meters. Before that, it fluctuated in the range of 250-300. It is clear that the hysteria in the spot market arose as a result of a special Russian operation in Ukraine. But after two days, the price fell to 1200-1500 dollars per thousand “cubes”. The numbers that this psychosis will encounter after threatening Russia to pay for gas only in rubles, and not in dollars and euros, is still unclear. The trick is that in the beginning of January German Chancellor Olaf Schulz He stated that by 2030, the country will completely abandon the use of oil, coal and gas in order to become “zero carbon dioxide”. Because “decisions have been made to expand wind power, solar power plants, and developments in hydrogen energy.”

No sun on demand, wind on demand

Last year, Germany shut down 3 out of 6 nuclear power plants. And by the end of 2022, according to Herr Schultz, the son of a textile worker, the rest will stop. Because there is a global shift to green energy – from the sun and wind. But if you look at the 2021 results, the “green” there gave out just over 29 percent of the energy. The Germans understood from utility bills that when there is a lull, the windmills do not turn. And when the clouds roll, the solar panels are stupidly silent: there is no light for us – there is no light for you. As a result, electricity tariffs in different regions of the country increased by 16-42 percent.

Experts have warned that a rapid switch to solar wind power could be very costly. They cited agitators who speculate on climate problems and push through renewable energy sources (RES).

If by 2030 Germany plans to receive 80% of its energy from renewable sources, we must not forget about the traditional reserve. I forgot. They began closing coal mines on a large scale and demolishing oil-fired power plants. Even the news showed how they were blown up. By the way, insurance companies are now refusing to enter the green energy market: the sun and wind are not under the power of Germany. Nuclear power plant in Germany – Alice Capote?

In 2021, solar energy production in Germany fell twice. Wind – by 30 percent. I had to run coal plants again. “The fluctuations in the weather are beyond our control,” said one Bundestag member. – Developing “clean” energy, we can no longer give up on “dirty”.

And now about how this relates to Kazakhstan.

help “caravan”

After the Fukushima tragedy, Italy shut down all nuclear power plants. Sweden already regrets doing the same. The Swiss are still thinking. In Germany, they began to understand that they are clearly rushing about nuclear power plants, the operation of which does not depend on weather conditions: nuclear power plants do not emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In England, they also depended on the wind by closing the mines. the past too.

grind war

14-15 years ago Energy veteran Alek Khakimov In an interview, he told me that the most promising place for the construction of windmills in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the Dzhungar Gate.

– Wind strength there is 50-70 kilometers per hour. They are permanent. Sometimes even hurricanes. This is a normal natural tube. You can get a lot of watts in there if you put “mills”. If they are installed at all.

– doubt?

– yes. I have one version: the new field will be slowed down by the owners of coal mines and stations. That’s a huge amount! At least one hundred windmills must be installed at the Dzungarian gates. Only in this case can the yield be achieved and the energy cost reduced.

– Alec Khmedovich, sooner or later Kazakhstan will begin to extract current from the sun and wind anyway?

– Today it is very expensive for both the consumer and the state. First, we do not produce installations ourselves. So we will buy. Second, the service. Initially, foreign specialists will have to be invited. And it’s not cheap either. Third, we need to train our people abroad. costs too. Fourth: Dismantling and getting rid of the windmills that served their time. costs again. All this will be included in the customs duties. So green energy is going to cost us a lot. And in the West, they immediately began to feed her with subsidies. gas energy? Yes, less damage. But today we do not have enough gas for the settlements. We still need 15-20 years before gas.

Did you get to the point?

Confirmation of Khakimov’s words was found in publications Petra Svoic Also an experienced power engineer. In 2021, he said, the price of a “green” electric watt is two to three times more expensive than the price of coal and fuel oil. Since 2014, 780 billion tenge have been drawn into renewables with a generation capacity of 1,975 megawatts. Create 2,000 permanent jobs. By 2030, it is planned to increase the share of renewable energy to 15%. To do this, it is necessary to introduce 7 gigawatts of new capacity, which will attract up to 3 trillion tenge of investment to the industry … Now the capacity of all power plants is about 17 gigawatts. By 2027, it is planned to add another 3.3 gigawatts. But about one and a half gigawatts will not be enough to achieve complete security … We have built solar and wind capacities – 10% of the capacity of the entire power system in the country. But the generation share of them is less than 3%.. Tariffs will increase. Environmentalists, excuse me, businessmen rule.” An Almaty pensioner is ready to spoil the city’s energy companies

But after last year’s results, Peter Vladimirovich noted, “The total capacity of renewables has exceeded 2,000 megawatts. This is more than 10 percent of the nominal capacity available for the Kazakh power system. And more than 13 percent of the actual. But at the same time, there is guidance From the President to reach 50 by 2060.”

will you work? Can. But it is too early to rejoice. Tariffs on “green” will grow faster.

Apparently, it is no coincidence that coal-fired mines and power plants are kept in “silent mode” in a number of European countries. Paris Protocol? Many governments seem ready to eliminate it.

help “caravan”

One gram of uranium gives energy equivalent to 7-8 thousand tons of coal. By the same factor, uranium pollutes the atmosphere to a lesser extent. According to Samruk-Energo, at the beginning of 2022 there were 134 renewable energy facilities operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan with a total capacity of 2,010 MW.

Hello Greta Thunberg!

Over the past five years, various offices have spent nearly $1.5 billion to promote the development of solar and wind energy in the world. This is the organization of rallies, protests (including the transport of Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and her followers to environmental parties from the United States to European countries and back), video clips and paper products. One day, I hope some mental illness will be named after her. Because this schoolgirl, it seems, still does not know what the solar panels and the windmills themselves are made of, which she advocates so much. There are cadmium, lead, various acids (mainly sulfuric) and a host of other components that are not very useful. Humanity has not yet learned how to take full advantage of it. In landfills, massive amounts of carbon dioxide will be released. No secondary environmental activist will help here.

But those companies that invest in green energy and know that they will win anyway, spare no expense. They are investing in the future. At the same time, they pretend that they do not notice the advantages of nuclear power plants. competitors!

According to the results of studies in 2019-2020, British scientists found that with equal capacity, conventional power plants will need 17 times more different materials to produce solar and wind energy than nuclear power plants. At the same time, RES will generate 200 times more waste. Twenty times!

Windmills are waiting for the wind

Windmills are also dangerous to birds. Greta, don’t you feel sorry for the birds?

How much money will we have to spend in order to stick to “green” now and not regret later that we were in a hurry? In Europe, it was calculated that in order to completely switch to “clean” energy by 2050, annual investments of 380-400 billion euros are required. Now, due to the opposition to Russian sanctions and the new formula for paying for gas, there is already more.

Then the Europeans turned their attention back to corn. Is this also pure energy? But the public is clearly not ready for nuclear power plants. Perhaps the increased tariffs of utilities will change something in their brains?

help “caravan”

California is the leading producer of solar energy in the United States. It is 60% more expensive than the national average.

In Austria, 80% of the generation comes from clean energy. But there and electricity is the most expensive in Europe.

From dung to corn

In Kazakhstan, radiation phobia cannot be overcome for more than 30 years. The consequences of nuclear explosions at the Semipalatinsk test site will remain in our memory for a long time. The populist statements of the radicals, who completely reject the idea of ​​u200bu200bbuilding a nuclear power plant in the republic, are also based on the tragedies of Chernobyl and Fukushima. The fact that technology has advanced did not interest them for long.

in february Energy Minister Bulat Akchulakov He noted that a referendum may be required to build a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan. in March General Director of Nuclear Power Plants of Kazakhstan LLP Timur Zhantikin He said that nuclear power plants are “new technologies, the development of science and the entire industry, this is the future of the country. This is generational diversification and energy security. We will not go away from renewable energy sources alone. We need a stable core generation. And this is nuclear energy. But without Taking into account the opinion of the population, it is impossible to build a nuclear power plant. ”

That is, the final verdict will be issued by the amateurs?

Commenting on the possible results of the referendum on the construction of the nuclear power plant, Mr. Jantikin noted that before the operation, doctors did not hold a consultation with the participation of the patient’s relatives: “We depend on the opinion of the surgeons. Even here. Of course, questions should be asked, but at the same time listen to the opinion of experts. We have a staff.”

By the way, about 26 thousand workers are employed in the industry today. They are involved in the exploration and mining of uranium. They produce nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants, power reactors. Collaboration with foreign scholars and colleagues. The Coal and Corn War: Why there is still a tie in Kazakhstan

three years ago Senator Arbolt Air Conditioner He said, “Once our ancestors burned dung. Then they switched to coal. Now we are switching from coal to gas. But by 2050 we will also reject gas. Life does not stand still. We have to use uranium…it does not harm our environment.” A little earlier, Kazakh environmental activists wrote letters to the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the International Atomic Energy Agency demanding to ban “an economically unjustified and destructive suicide project for the whole of Kazakhstan.”

Have you forgotten that any nuclear power plant is built under the strict supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency? Even in China, even in France, even in Russia, even in Turkey, Uzbekistan, etc.? There, all the lunatics agreed to build a nuclear power plant?

last year Honoring the Energy Engineer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zakip Kherachev He noted that, “By 2023, if nothing is done, the electricity deficit will be 2 gigawatts. The contribution factor of renewable energy is no more than 20-25 percent.” He added, “The number of renewable energy plants depends directly on state support.”

It remains to be remembered. last fall Chief Takife “We are already feeling the signs of a lack of electricity,” he said. There is no total deficit yet. But the first signs are already specific. You have to make unpopular decisions about building a nuclear power plant… The role of the leader is to make those decisions.”

The Day of Workers of the Nuclear Industry in Kazakhstan has been celebrated on May 12 since 2008. Will the decision to build a nuclear power plant be made by this day? Well, or in a year. to round off the date.

help “caravan”

About 60% of the world’s electricity today comes from fossil fuels. Atomic gives about 11-12%. Sun and wind – less than 20%. The rest is water and bio energy. China produces the most solar panels in the world. Not yet a monopoly. But already close to it.


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