How many renewable energy sources are there in the Stavropol Territory?

And will this energy be enough to provide the residents of Stavropol with light and heat?

Renewable, renewable or “green” energy is energy that is generated from natural sources, the production of which harms the environment to a minimum. In the Stavropol Territory there is everything you need for this: wind, sun, water. ATVmedia correspondents found out how many stations are in the Stavropol Territory and how many people can provide them.

wind farms

Installed in the Stavropol Territory 4 wind farms Overall 124 wind turbinesThe total output for 2021 was 736 million kWh.

For comparison, the Ministries of Energy and Economy have proposed setting the estimated consumption rates at the level of 300 kWh per month or 3600 kWh per year per apartment.

In other words, the energy produced by the wind farms in Stavropol will be enough to provide electricity 204 thousand apartments. Or, if translated into typical nine-story houses, there will be enough energy for it 1416 Building.

According to the public project GosZhKH, there are more than 1850 houses in Stavropol. This means, in effect, that wind farms in Stavropol can provide electricity 76.5% residential buildings.

solar power plants

Staromaryevskaya SPP is the second largest solar power plant in our country. It covers an area of ​​50 hectares, where there are 349,560 modules at one time, and the annual electricity generation for 2021 is 131.8 million kWh.

SES can provide for a year 36 thousand apartments or 250 standard nine-storey houses. This is 13.5% of housing the regional capital.

hydroelectric power stations

At the moment, there is 10 HPPsIn 2021, the total output was 580 million kilowatt hours.

In total, HPPs in the Stavropol Territory generate electricity for 161 thousand apartmentsAnd 1118 nine-storey building or 60.4% of housing The city of Stavropol.

Electricity consumption in the Stavropol Territory (taking into account the consumption for the special needs of power plants and losses in networks) in 2021 amounted to 11,033 million kWh, while the total generation was about 1,450 million kWh.

Stavropol Territory is power surplus area. In the structure of electricity consumption in the region, as of 2021, the industry leads – 43%, and household consumption is 21%.

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