How do you save money when you go to the grocery store? – commercial text

When shopping at Prisma, it’s easy to spot food with a yellow discount label that expires on the same day. They have a 30% discount. In the evening, starting at 20:00, the discount doubles to 60% of the original price. It’s a great option for immediate consumption, not only good for the wallet, but also for the environment, as it prevents food from getting rid of it. “Choose today, save tomorrow” is the slogan the store uses to get customers’ attention to these same-day products that expire.

Popular smoothie groups

In the second half of last year, Prisma stores introduced another catering innovation that was well received by customers. We are talking about juice groups – various fruits that are either left alone in their drawer, or no longer look perfect, but are well suited for immediate consumption or smoothies. They are sold in Prisma stores for 49 cents a kilo and are usually sold like hot cakes. Store employees constantly prepare such batches when there is a surplus of fruit, but the product is so popular that often there are no juice batches on sale. But be sure to check availability another day!

It is encouraging to note that all of these measures have helped reduce food waste. Of course, the internal organization of work and the management of work processes in the store also play a role, it is important to order goods in sufficient quantities, but not too much. If there is still stock with an expiration date in the warehouse at the end of the day, Prisma moves it to the food bank. This cooperation began in 2010, when the food bank began operations in Estonia. The volume of donations is increasing from year to year, last year throughout the year in this way more than 205 tons of food products were saved from disposal.

We support fair trade

In addition to reducing food waste, it is essential that Prisma stores offer a wide range of products of Estonian origin, as well as a range of cost-effective and carefully controlled quality private label products. Many products bear the Fairtrade label, which indicates that the low price of the product was not achieved at the expense of the environment and improper work practices. It is a sign of respect for natural resources and human rights.

Prisma stores offer a wide range of products made in Estonia. Local products are healthier for us and the environment. picture: Prisma

Together with its clients, Prisma is also actively working on other environmental projects. Every choice we make matters! In the development of Prisma stores and the construction of new stores, priority is given to energy savings and as environmentally friendly options as possible. Energy-saving LED lights, refrigerators, freezers and takeaway counters were turned on. Some Prisma stores already run 100% green power through wires, such as Tartu’s Annelinna Prisma and Narva Prisma.

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