Greenpeace noted the development of green energy in the Volgograd region – Volga Prom expert

Russian branch green area It released an interactive map on renewable energy sources in Russia, which included data from the Volgograd region – reports IA “VolgaPromExpert”.

Here, the environmental organization has collected information about the operation of solar, wind and geothermal power plants, as well as biogas plants and small hydroelectric plants.

There is a stereotype that there is no renewable energy in Russia. We created this map to show that this is not the case. Using the example of specific regions, you can see how initiatives in the field of green energy are being implemented in our country. For example, the Volgograd region shows good dynamics in the introduction of renewable energy sources»- Commented the head of the program “Green Energy” Vladimir Asikritov.

Today there are seven green energy facilities in the Volgograd region with a total capacity of about 210 MW. The largest generation comes from six solar power plants (SPPs), with a total capacity of 120 MW. In turn, the Wind Power Plant (WPP) produces 88.2 megawatts of power.

Since 2018, investments in renewable energy sources in the Volgograd region have amounted to about 55 billion rubles.
To build SPP was directed 14.6 billion rubles The cost of the investment project in the field of wind generation, which is implemented by Wind Farms FRV in Moscow until 2024, is estimated at about 40 billion rubles. The design capacity of the wind farm facilities is 409 MW.

The first solar power plant in this topic with a capacity 10 MW It came into force on the basis of the LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka Foundation in 2018.

A year later, three more special support programs were launched in the region. Among them are two with a capacity of 25 MW In the Svetluyarsky district and with one capacity 15 MW In the Palasovsky district.

In 2021, a new Medvedica SPP was opened with a capacity 25 MW In the Danilovsky district. The solar power plant was placed on a plot of about 500 thousand square meters. More than 72,000 solar panels have been installed here. About 3.2 billion rubles were allocated for the construction of the facility.

Also last year, the second SPP Neftezavodskaya carried out a capacity 20 MW. The project was implemented by the LUKOIL Group. All power generated will be supplied to the wholesale electricity market.

In the Palasovsky district, it is planned to build another SPP with a capacity 100 MW.

Wind generation is also developing in the Volgograd region. So, at the end of last year, the first wind power plant in the region, Kotovskaya, began distributing power to consumers through the 110 kV Slyusarevo substation in Rossetti Yug. There are currently 21 wind turbines operating on the wind farm land with a total capacity of 88.2 MW.

This year, the second wind farm will be put into operation in the Volgograd region, Novoalekseevskaya. The power facility will consist of four windmills with a total capacity 16.8 MW.

The third wind farm “Olkhovskaya” will be built here next year. The wind farm will include 64 wind turbines with a total capacity 291.2 MW.

According to the data of Smart Energy, according to the results of the past two years, the Volgograd region has become the leader in Russia in terms of the introduction of installed capacity of solar power plants.

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