Green energy at an affordable price

Many people know me as an Island Technology representative, others as a lawyer, and others as a renewable energy professional, which is what I’ve been doing lately since launching my new Smarter Energy Solution business in 2019.

I have lived in Phuket for 20 years and experienced many changes associated with growth: an increase in the population, an increase in energy consumption along with an increase in living standards, an increase in environmental pollution, as well as pronounced climatic changes, crossed, among others, in hot dry seasons that left the cupboards completely empty.

The older I get, the more and more I remember and miss the old days I spent in the village with my grandfather. I remember that simple life: fresh fish straight from the sea, eggs from a chicken coop, water from a well, vegetables from my grandmother’s garden. I feel nostalgic for those times. My grandparents were not wealthy, but their lives were happy and healthy… It was a life in harmony with nature.

At some point, I had a desire to find a way to such a life, to begin to help nature and to understand why we continue to destroy the environment.

The world is changing, and we ourselves have to live with the times. I’m not calling anyone to go back 100 years. But I want people to understand that they can live a modern life with a simple change of habits.

I first became interested in solar energy 12 years ago, but then the cost of the equipment was very high. In 201, I returned to the question of how to power my home with clean energy, and realized that I could not only significantly reduce the cost of electricity, but also help the planet by reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Then I decided to go ahead and started attending specialized seminars and exhibitions, as a result of which I was convinced that I was ready to start work and assign specialists involved in this wonderful technology to my company.

Modern solar panels show excellent performance and pay off quickly, sometimes in as little as three to four years! It’s like a bank deposit that doubles your investment in four years…annual return of 25%. So investing in rooftop solar panels not only helps the planet but also helps your wallet. After four years, the electricity generated by the sun is completely free!

Smarter Energy Solution Co., Ltd. is a new company with modern solar energy specialists and engineers, with a large part of the team coming from Island technology.

We are constantly looking for new and more efficient technologies to provide our customers with the best and most customized systems. We are in constant contact with some of the best and most reliable suppliers of solar panels and inverters, and we work hard to make solar energy affordable for everyone. Our systems are systematically tested by independent engineers and approved by government departments such as the PEA (Energy Administration) and the Energy Regulatory Authority.

But the best thing is that we guarantee the performance of our systems. If the efficiency does not correspond to the promised, we will bring it to the advertiser at our own expense.

We also offer excellent tax incentives for companies that invest in renewable energy.

In addition, we recently completed testing of new lithium polymer batteries (LiFePO4) to meet the power demand at night and offer 10 years warranty.

In the near future, we will begin work on the organization of charging stations for the long-awaited electric transport, as well as a new generation of integrated solar lighting systems for streets and adjacent areas.

So if you are also on your way to a responsible attitude towards energy and nature, contact us and we will discuss the perfect solution for you directly.

– Ocharvan Pratumvan (gay)

Ocharvan Pratumwan (Jay)And the General Director Smart Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. e-mail mail: Telephone: 081-897-4180, 076322095-7. fax machine: 076322098. website:

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