Expert opinion on materials for assessing the production of cobalt-60 at the Smolensk nuclear power plant

Svetlana Yurievna Lubinskaya, Head of the Environmental Protection Department of the Smolensk NPP:

– The environmental strategy of the Smolensk NPP is based on the rational use of natural resources, the desire to preserve the environment for future generations. These tasks are ensured by the Environmental Management System, which is part of the overall integrated management system, along with aspects such as quality, labor protection and energy saving.

We regularly monitor the content of polluting chemicals in atmospheric air, soil, surface water, bottom sediments, sewage and artesian water in the area where the nuclear power plant is located. Modern and reliable automated and laboratory methods provide an opportunity to obtain objective information indicating the minimum impact of the enterprise on the environment.

Every year, the Smolensk NPP allocates significant funds for the vital repair of the cooling tank, maintenance, scheduled repairs and modernization of supporting equipment.

At the same time, we are not limited to specific requirements, but rather are implementing new ideas, the purpose of which is to improve the environmental situation in the area where the nuclear power plant is located and to develop an ecological culture among the population.

The effectiveness of the measures taken and the responsibility of the team were confirmed by numerous awards from the Living Planet movement, the NGO named after VI Vernadsky, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the leadership of the state corporation “Rosatom” and the authorities of the Smolensk region. These are commemorative badges, diplomas, letters of thanks, an international certificate and a gold badge “International Environmental Scientists Initiative with 100% Environmental Quality”. Our projects twice won the international competition “Environmental Culture”. Peace and Harmony.” It also has its own environmental Oscar – the most prestigious global environmental brand award in the nomination “Leader of Socially and Environmentally Responsible Business”.

In 2021, Smolensk NPP entered the top three of the safest companies in Rosatom, took second place in an organized eco-model competition, was awarded for active participation in the 2021 Green Spring Marathon and a significant contribution to environmental protection. Our clean energy project won the All-Russian competition “Best Environmental Volunteer Ensemble”.


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