Electrical tools for home and construction. Which one to buy?

The weather is improving, which means it is time to start the long-planned construction and renovation work. In the garage, in the country, on the site and not only. What do you expect from the power tools market? What do you look for when choosing and what categories and models are needed? We spoke with a specialist who answered our questions.

In short, what’s up?

What’s next for the market? Are there concerns about supply shortages?

There are such concerns. Many brands are suspending shipments to the country, and some power tool manufacturers are no exception. It is not known how long this will last, whether there will be an appeal or some companies will decide to leave our market altogether. If there is a need for a professional tool from leading manufacturers, it is better to buy it now, while there are stocks. As for the supply of goods for the so-called “bilateral brands” (a category of products that is not widely known in the world market, but is well recognized in a particular country or region, and also meets the needs of a particular market), there should not be any problems with them Until now.

Battery power tool. Is the topic gaining popularity?

– Undoubtedly. Cordless tools are portable and versatile. When in use, there is no dependence on the presence of electricity or the length of the wire. Getting into this tool from the start can be more expensive. But we must not forget that one or two batteries included with a screwdriver will later fit into other equipment, which means that you can save money and buy another tool without a battery, just a “chassis”. As a result, the cost of a set of several tools is often comparable.

In terms of technology, lithium batteries are mostly used today. In some places, in cheap Chinese machines, nickel-metal hydride is still installed. But this is a really old story, rather a relic of the past. Such batteries quickly lost their capacity and had other drawbacks such as a “memory effect” if the recommended charging mode was violated, in particular, when recharging an incompletely charged battery.

Lithium-ion batteries do not have these drawbacks. It is more durable and holds a better charge. All this battery is afraid of is long-term storage in a deep discharge state. And, contrary to legends, a well-charged lithium battery is not at all afraid of frost.

What are the most popular categories?

– If we talk about categories, then most often they ask for screwdrivers. This is a versatile tool designed to work in a variety of situations in everyday life or professional use. Agree, not everyone in life is faced with the need to purchase a circular saw. But hanging a picture or assembling furniture is a fairly common task for any man. Often, instead of a screwdriver, they buy an electric screwdriver. But it is weaker. Also, a screwdriver, unlike a screwdriver, is not designed for drilling and does not have a special clutch that limits the torque for working with fragile materials. For example, with drywall.

The second most common section is angle grinders, or so-called “grinders”. This is a tool that not only cuts metal, but also grinds, for example, wood, processes stone, tile, etc. – the scope of work is very wide. Perforators are in third place. Exercises are often requested. Cordless hammers are gaining in popularity, but not as actively as cordless angle grinders, for example. A cordless hammer drill is more than a story for private craftsmen who are involved in some low-volume work, for example, when installing simple structures.

Another tool that is also purchased, but often and often for some specific tasks, is electric saws, circular saws, all kinds of grinders, and often even milling cutters. Electrical boosters are gaining in popularity. As a rule, buyers of such devices know what they need and how to use it. The saw is used and designed primarily as a tool for making curved cuts. For example, to insert the kitchen sink into the countertop. Also known as circular saw Parquet, which indicates its frequent use when working with wood or floors. Perfect for straight, criss-cross cutting. Oddly enough – sometimes they buy restorers to make square holes.

Popular Brands

– Among the leaders in orders are well-known companies such as Bosch or Makita. They produce both household items (for example, the “Green” Bosch line) and professional ones. The latter often have special lines for working with increased loads. The most budgetary Wortex also sells well – a brand that has been sold in Belarus for a long time and has proven itself well in our market.

The models are best sellers. screwdrivers

Most of the tools are wireless. As mentioned above, it is better to choose a lithium-ion battery. The popular model is the Bosch GSR 120-LI Professional. It comes with a charger and two 12V 2A batteries, as well as a case.

For the same money you can buy the lesser known Wortex BD 2020-1 DLi with the same set but 20V batteries. True, the charger is simpler than the above model.

angle grinders (“grinders”)

When choosing, the advantage will be the ability to adjust the speed. Not all tools and not all workpiece materials are designed to operate at 11,000 rpm. Another important advantage will be the presence of stationary electronics. This is the function of maintaining a constant speed of the working tool with increased load. To do this, the control circuit monitors the rotation of the spindle and increases the power supplied (within the permissible range) when the revolutions begin to decrease due to the load. It will also extend tool life with easy start function. As a rule, these functions are inherent in expensive models, but there are also relatively budget offers such as the Fiolent MSHU 2-9-125E.

Makita GA5030 is selling well. Simple and reliable tool, very inexpensive, no extra features, but with a lot of reviews.

punching machines

The main characteristic is the impact strength, which is measured in joules. The stronger the impact, the greater the impact of the tool on the material, for example when drilling holes. The hammer chuck is often designed for use with SDS+ bits, but a chuck without a switch or adapter is often included.

The real legends that have stood the test of time are the Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR Professional and the Makita HR 2470 FT. Both rotary hammers are delivered in boxes and contain an additional interchangeable keyless chuck, but there are options without additional equipment.

drilling mixers

It is not recommended to use a perforator for mixing solutions and mixtures, especially heavy ones. It is better to mix with a special mixer. Well, the leader in orders among drilling mixers is the Fiolent MD1-11E. By the way, in some cases, a good alternative to a concrete mixer!

Circular saws

The sales leader is Bosch GKS 190 Professional. Reviews praised it for ample power (especially for the occasional cut), a comfortable grip, a long cord, and a smooth, clear cut.

As an alternative, you can consider the Wortex CS 1916 L. There is a built-in laser. The main feature is the one-piece cast platform, which is more resistant to deformation than the sealed platform.


And finally, a jigsaw. Here one of the leaders in demand is the Bosch PST 800 PEL model from the “green” household line. Automatic sawdust blower, special cutting control guide for precise cutting and protective plates. There is a file storage compartment and an attached bag. Power – 530 watts. Quick release chuck.

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