Economists have criticized the West’s approach to “green” energy Russian news EN

At the moment, there are no clean and efficient sources of “green” energy. As a result of mass propaganda for the “greening” of the economy, Western governments and companies have begun to underfund conventional energy development. As a result, the old abilities were dispensed with and no new ones appeared. The bet that unconventional energy sources could completely replace conventional ones turned out to be unrealizable today. These conclusions were made by experts who spoke on the fifth studio program of the Rossiya 24 TV channel, which dealt with the energy crisis.

According to the International Energy Agency, 80 percent of modern technologies are insufficient to release renewable energy. According to Bill Gates, “During the day at noon, solar energy is the price of gas, and at night it is a thousand times more expensive, because there is no sun. And the wind either blows or it doesn’t.” Therefore, without hydrocarbons, without reserves, the maximum that renewable energy can reach is a maximum of 30 percent of the total energy balance,” said Leonid Krutakov, associate professor at the Russian Government Finance University.

According to the expert, all other needs will be provided by conventional energy, and nothing can be done about it, mainly from an economic point of view, because all alternative energy is subsidized, as in Europe. Here they said: remove the traditional power, remove the cheap gas, everything will collapse and die. And they will be only tomorrow, cuddling cats and dogs, and getting ready, as I said. “Well, that’s ridiculous,” said Leonid Krutakov.

As a result of mass propaganda, “greening” the economy, Western governments and companies have begun to invest undervalued in conventional energy. As a result, abilities are dispensed with, and new ones do not appear, as the well-known economist Mikhail Khazin believes. “Green energy is a myth. In the West, they decided that unconventional sources can completely replace traditional ones. It turns out that this cannot be done. Either the wind does not blow, or there is another problem, or another natural disaster,” the expert stressed. .

Mikhail Khazin drew attention that in order to compensate for the loss of non-traditional abilities, it is necessary to release traditional ones. “The traditional ones are fully functional, as if they are already dilapidated – they simply do not exist. That is why it is necessary to somehow change the situation. This, in fact, they made a traditional mistake: they launched a propaganda campaign to “green” the economy before it became clear how much Funds and technologies that should be used, ”noted Mikhail Khazin.

Today it is clear that in order to completely replace traditional sources, there is not enough technology, the economist believes. Moreover, it is now clear that in order to launch these unconventional energy industries, it is necessary to extract minerals: in particular, cobalt and lead, which, incidentally, are not good for nature. In addition, you need to understand what to do with recycling. Because, for example, where to dispose of the blades of windmills is not entirely clear now, since they are not recycled in nature. These are all unresolved problems. As a result, the West fell into a stupid situation,” Mikhail Khazin believed.

“At the same time, another intriguing circumstance is that even if the temperature rises on average, the local minimum temperatures can drop throughout the year. As a result, for no reason at all, you have minus 20 in winter, and in these The moment it turns out that you cannot heat your house. And if the housing is not heated at minus 20, then huge problems will immediately begin, including epidemics. Because people get sick when it is cold, says Mikhail Khazin. – This, in fact, what happened It is the result of the West’s stupidity, neglect, and excessive ideology in my opinion.In this sense, we can assume that they fell into the same trap as the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, which believed that communism was winning this way and that.

The Green Energy Project was created as a purely political project. Not a single business project is justified in terms of financing, investment and a real business plan, Leonid Krutakov draws attention. We only see political statements and statements. The result – which we already understand today – is in the form of price increases and jumps, the expert believes.

According to Leonid Krutakov, from 2000 to 2015, the five largest Western companies – ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Chevron and Total – quadrupled their investment in production from $29 billion to $121 billion. At the same time, production decreased, and the share in world reserves decreased from 3.5 to 2.2 percent. Total working capital grew from $310 billion to $902 billion, while profitability decreased from $18 to $4, that is, Western companies were left without oil. In this sense, energy in carbon energy began to move to national state-owned enterprises: Chinese, Indian and Russian – to Rosneft and Gazprom. There is a flow of energy in the world. Energy is the engine of the global economy, the engine of development. There is nothing else. Therefore, the West had to review the financial conditions. This is where the “green” energy came from, ”concluded Leonid Krutakov.

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