Dozens of Israeli companies have applied to participate in projects in Karabakh – Ambassador (Exclusive)

Baku, Azerbaijan, October 15 Israeli companies have applied through the Israeli embassy in Baku to participate in projects in Karabakh, said the Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan George Dick in an exclusive interview with Trend.

“More Israeli companies have applied in this regard directly, rather than through the embassy. I suppose we are talking about dozens of companies that have applied for different projects, ranging from building smart cities to green energy and the rural economy building a hospital and spa center,” Dick said. There are different projects and not all of them go through the embassy. We have a very active and independent private sector.”

The ambassador noted that Israel has always supported Azerbaijan, including the issue of its territorial integrity.

“We are very happy that Azerbaijan now has the opportunity to revitalize Karabakh and eastern Zangezur. We believe that this creates great opportunities for cooperation between Azerbaijan and various countries of the world. We also believe that Israel can make a significant contribution in several countries. In areas such as water management, agriculture, health care and innovation and smart cities and green energy. Therefore, in my opinion, in each of these areas, Israel can be a good partner for Azerbaijan,” said Dick.

According to him, several projects with the participation of the Israeli private sector in the field of agriculture are being developed in Azerbaijan.

“Many Israeli companies working in the agricultural sector come and negotiate, inspect and meet with Azerbaijani partners to study projects. One of these projects is to be implemented in Zangilan. We are very optimistic about its implementation. It will be prepared very soon. Time. An Israeli company will establish and manage a smart farm and village We do not sign these agreements through the government. There are companies from Israel that enter into agreements with our partners. For example, in Zangilan there is an Azerbaijani citizen. The company responsible for the agreement to create a “smart city. They sign a document between two private companies. Negotiations are underway on this project. I believe the process is complete, and a farm of hundreds of cows and buffaloes should be set up here to produce milk, which will also be processed to provide food, labor and experience to the people of the area.”

Regarding other areas, the ambassador indicated that in Agdam, for example, there are projects in the water sector, negotiations were conducted with companies such as Mekorot, Baran Group and others.

“We hope that concrete agreements will be reached between the two sides soon,” the diplomat said.

He said Israeli companies are also ready to participate in green energy projects in Karabakh and other parts of Azerbaijan.

“Now there are projects in Absheron that may interest Israeli companies, especially in the field of solar and wind energy. We are trying to expand cooperation between companies in this field. Cooperation will undoubtedly develop. We must remember one thing: the restoration of Karabakh is a historic moment for Azerbaijan,” Dick said. “Israel focuses on the long-term partnership and friendship with Azerbaijan. We will be ready to help wherever Azerbaijan decides that Israeli expertise and support are necessary.”

Regarding demining the liberated lands in Azerbaijan, the ambassador said that he had held several meetings in the Azerbaijani Mine Action Agency.

“Several Israeli companies came here and held consultations with the agency. Representatives of these companies even traveled to these areas and many of them presented their proposals,” the diplomat added.

(Author: Lyaman Zeynalova. Editor: Konstantin Shapiro)

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