Australia will build the largest park of wind turbines and solar panels

The project involves the construction of a ‘Western Green Energy Center’ in South Western Australia at a total cost of A$100 billion. what happens A consortium of Australian companies including InterContinental Energy, CWP Global and Mirning People has announced the creation of the Western Green Energy Hub in southwest Australia, the world’s largest fleet of … Read more

Sun energy. A solar power plant may appear in Orel-RBC

The Crimean SPP Perovo with a capacity of 105.6 MW and the Okhotnikovo plant with a capacity of 80 MW became the largest solar power plants, and the third SPP Samarskaya with a capacity of 75 MW. At the moment, about 80 stations operate in Russia. “The share of renewables in the unified energy system … Read more

Energy Transition Opportunities and Risks – Articles – GMK Center

The “green” energy transition will require more than two billion tons of steel and business interaction with the state The transformation of “green” energy is a global trend in climate and economic policy, which necessitates the need for a radical restructuring of entire industries. The role of metallurgy in this process is very important, because … Read more

Several EU countries are calling for nuclear energy to be recognized as “green” by the end of the year

The Prime Ministers and Ministers of Energy and Economy of France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Croatia and the Czech Republic issued a joint statement on the importance of nuclear energy development. They consider it necessary to recognize nuclear energy as “green” before the end of the year – this could help deal … Read more

Green Energy and the Crisis of Transformation – EADaily World News Today. World news October 16, 2021. World news 10/16/2021

The backdrop for the fall of 2021 was the global energy crisis, which began to smoothly turn into a general economic and financial crisis. The crisis is spreading like wildfire from one energy market to another. The economic recovery that began quickly after the Corona virus faltered in its global centers due to energy. China … Read more

Alternative Energy Sources: What You Need to Know

Green energy is chosen by states, cities, businesses, and citizens. We tell how renewable sources are moving from the category of alternatives to the main ones, how they are developing in Russia and the world, and what the future holds for them. What are alternative energy sources Renewable energy comes from sustainable sources such as … Read more

The green revolution will end shareholder capitalism

The session “Carbon Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities for Technological Development”, held at the Young Scientists Conference in Sochi, promised to become an important event only for narrow professionals of the industry. But it turns out that issues of social progress, education, and lifestyle change matter to speakers no less than the dry facts and numbers … Read more