Botanical garden and zoo offer free admission to refugees – Ukraine

The institutions of the city of Tallinn, together with their partners and volunteers, are making every effort so that the war refugees arriving in Estonia, namely in Tallinn, can obtain temporary housing and other vital services as soon as possible. At the same time, we know that among the refugees there are many children and adults who need to somehow fill their day, but do not have many opportunities for this. That is why, from the side of the city, we are trying to offer activities for leisure, which at the same time would make it possible to present Tallinn as a hospitable and interesting city, said Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet. “I hope they visit the Tallinn Zoo and Botanical Garden, where they can gain new knowledge and spend time outdoors with health benefits.”

In addition to the zoo and botanical garden, government and private institutions and other cities offering lessons in the field of culture and recreation offer good opportunities to spend time for refugees from Ukraine. Information about recreational activities and cultural institutions providing services is collected on the Tallinn website and is available in Ukrainian, Russian, Estonian and English languages, Deputy Mayor Karel Uga added. “We also ask all cultural event organizers and entertainment providers who wish to provide free services to refugees from Ukraine, please send your request to”

The possibility of free entry is usually provided by: 1) obtaining a green card at the refugee meeting center on Niine Street with an identity document, 2) a document confirming the citizenship of Ukraine (passport, other valid travel document or personal certificate data confirming citizenship, issued by Embassy of Ukraine), 3) a temporary residence permit issued by the Police and Border Guard Service, confirming the right to temporary protection.

To date, 21 museums have been opened free of charge for refugees, including all branches of the Tallinn City Museum, the Estonian Maritime Museum, the Estonian Museum of Health, the Estonian Museum of Nature, the Energy Discovery Center, the Como Art Museum and the Estonian Museum. Proto Center and others. All youth centers in Tallinn, outdoor sports facilities, parks, health lanes, as well as all branches of Tallinn Central Library are also open. There are also film interns for children, opportunities are available online. All information on this topic is collected on the city page (in Ukrainian, Russian, Estonian and English languages).


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