UN: Ukraine faces its worst winter

A harsh winter awaits the Ukrainians. Due to the military conflict with Russia, the country lost its main food sources. The fact is that the city of Energodar, where the Zaporozhye NPP and Zaporizhzhya TPP are located, is under the control of the Russian army. If the Ukrainian fighters fail to “restore” these companies before the onset of winter, Kyiv will have to buy electricity from Europe. What will happen to heating and tariffs in the article of the correspondents of Khabar 24.

Ukraine is awaiting this year “the worst winter since independence”. This is what the United Nations believes. As a result of the armed conflict that has been going on for more than five months, thousands of infrastructure facilities, including energy facilities, have been destroyed or damaged. Therefore, the Uglegorsk, Lugansk and Slavyansk thermal power plants were completely out of order. Kyiv is now concerned about the state of Zaporizhzhya NPP and Zaporizhzhya TPP, which are responsible for the country’s energy security.

Vladimir Omelchenko, Director of Energy Programs at the Analytical Center:

– It is very important in order to pass the autumn-winter season, it is very important to return Energodar first of all, where the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and the Zaporizhzhya Thermal Plant are located. In this case, we will not have significant capacity problems. Otherwise, Ukraine will have to import electricity from EU countries. But there is expensive electricity, it is three times more expensive than Ukraine. A very serious problem. But it is also important to protect the entire energy infrastructure during wartime by air defense systems. Therefore, yesterday at the United Nations Ukraine called on countries to provide primarily air defense that protects nuclear power plants.

Along with traditional, the alternative – green energy – also suffers. During the conflict, 80% of the facilities converting solar and wind energy in the country were destroyed. So far, the Kyiv mayor’s office has warned residents that in winter the temperature in apartments will be 16 degrees.

Alexey Plotnikov, Economist:

– We said, for example, the city administration said that there will be a minimum temperature, it will not be 20 degrees, taking into account heating, it will be 16. In fact, 15-14. All winter you need either to warm up, or to buy a heater, or who lives in private houses, or to heat the stove, or to walk in outerwear. The situation is complicated, so I do not see a real way out here, there is hope that there will be a not cold winter, we will somehow be able to get through this winter in mild conditions. Again, this is meteorology, this is weather forecasting, this is no longer economics or politics.

Despite the moratorium imposed by the authorities on raising tariffs on utility services, its cost will continue to grow in the near future, experts say. According to them, it is almost impossible to maintain prices in this mode. As stated in the National Bank of Ukraine, due to the high social importance, the rate increase will take place in stages and will be accompanied by an expansion of social support. Meanwhile, tariffs remained unchanged, despite rising energy prices around the world.

Authors: Asim Khasenkezi, Aida Kedirbay


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