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A large-scale survey showed that most Asians consider this South Korean singer’s facial features as harmonious as possible. Moreover, even plastic surgeons say that her appearance perfectly matches the standards of the Asian and European beauty industry.

K-pop singer Kim Jisoo, 27, has been named “the most beautiful woman in the world” by Nubia magazine today. True, it should be borne in mind that only residents of Asian countries took part in the survey.

In his native Korea, the image of Kim Jisoo is incredibly popular. A large number of fans of the singer and in different age groups are trying to imitate her.

“Jisoo’s face is a perfect harmony with Western and Eastern beauty standards. She has expressive eyes without the drooping eyelids that many Asian women suffer from. Her face is quite symmetrical. It can be said that Kim Jisoo has become a reference model for all of our surgeons,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Min Hee Jun. .

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At the same time, it makes no sense to deny the fact that Kim had plastic surgery. While her producers convince fans of the singer’s absolute naturalness, experts were able to determine the following: she enlarged her lips, performed rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. But the artist still looks incredibly natural.

By the way, did you know that after a number of known cases of unsuccessful plastic surgeries for Korean women in Europe, some music labels in this Asian country imposed a ban on any injections of their artists? It is important for producers that their wings look beautiful, but do not look like victims of unskilled surgeons.

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Kim is the muse of Maria Grazia Chiuri and a Dior ambassador, representing the French house’s fashion and beauty collections. Her representatives have repeatedly emphasized that the girl is distinguished by “modern femininity”, which stylists promote to the masses with all their might.

According to Jisoo herself (who is still modest), her appearance does not deserve much admiration and compliments. She believes that in her case, only good heredity can be observed. Despite the fact that Kim is the oldest member of the girl group, she looks much younger than her classmates.

The star is sure that she practically does not use cosmetics (even during performances), but devotes a lot of time to daily care.

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Jisoo always carries around with her a separate bag of masks and moisturizing products for oily skin. He also regularly detoxifies vegetable and fruit juices. And, of course, she does sports a lot: every day she has either several hours of workouts or yoga training.

Stretching in the hammock seems to her the most fun fitness exercise.



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