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Boris Johnson
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Johnson hopes to stay on as prime minister for some time, ideally until October, while his Conservative Party sways to find a replacement, but those plans are unlikely to materialize, because the party doesn’t want him anymore (his resignation preceded his own by the resignation of nearly a 60 members of the government).

In Johnson, as one of his advisers said, the British chose Trump two and a half years ago, and by a large margin. Even Johnson’s hair was reminiscent of Trump’s.

Fans expected that he, like Trump, would pledge to drain the “swamp” that rules London.

For the first time in history, a Conservative Party candidate was voted for by a bloc of British proletarians whose hearts were previously with the Labor Party. However, Johnson did not live up to expectations and got involved in bad company, such globalists as Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. He was most influenced by his young, progressive wife, Carrie. As a Wall Street Journal editorial noted on Saturday, he ran to the right but ruled the center left.

Boris turned to the climate faith of mentally disabled Swede Greta Thunberg and began to undermine the British economy, as Joe Biden is doing with ours. He put at the fore not economic recovery and private enterprise, but climate change, income redistribution and all kinds of progressive innovations.

Voters usually expect at least economic efficiency from conservatives, but Boris turns out to be a spender like Biden, whom he resembles far more than Trump. As British doctor and publicist Theodore Dalrymple wrote on the City Journal website, “The Johnson government has spent countless billions helping people who didn’t need help, in part because generations have passed since the bureaucracy has tried to distinguish between those who deserve help, and those who deserve it.” Whoever does not deserve it… One of my neighbors, for example, was sentenced to fifty thousand dollars without looking, even though he did not need them.

Between the G7 and NATO summits in June, Boris appeared in front of the German press and shared the following deep thought with them: “If Putin was a woman, he obviously isn’t, but if he is, I don’t think he would start a crazy, macho, predatory and bloody war. If You want an example of toxic masculinity, that’s what he does in Ukraine.”

Journalist Walter Russell Mead, from whom I found this rotten quote from “British Trump”, is fine and admits that we are simply trying to impress his audience with a professional politician. But if Johnson and his G7 colleagues really believe in this nonsense, as Mead notes in the Wall Street Journal, “the West is worse off than we thought.”

According to Meade, Putin is not trying to be cooler than Rambo. Among the heroes of Russian history, he tries to imitate Catherine the Great. It was more successful than any succession of 18th-century rulers, mostly women, who expanded Peter the Great’s empire and turned Russia into the largest land power in Europe. Catherine conquered the Crimea and Western Ukraine. She won naval battles in the Black Sea and mercilessly suppressed uprisings in Russia. She put her former lover on the Polish throne and gladly snatched the lion’s share of the unfortunate country, which she divided three times.

Mead advises Americans who want to experience Putin’s view of the world to sit on sofas and watch the Catherine II fashion show from Amazon Prime, funded by the Russian Ministry of Information.

Johnson, who dreamed of rising to the top of power at least from the university bench, set out there under the slogan of ending Brexit, that is, divorce from the European Union, which the British voted for in the 2016 referendum. After that, supporters of divorce quarreled with some Some, and the quagmire of power did not want him from the beginning, most of the members of Parliament were from the rest, “Ustavantes”, that is, his opponents, the head of the Conservatives, and accordingly Prime Minister Theresa May sided with the European Union. Divorce is hanging in the air for three years.

Johnson replaced May as Conservative leader, called a general election and won a Get Brexit Done promise. In January 2020, the UK finally seceded from Brussels. Almost immediately, an epidemic spread, and Boris, like Trump, contracted the Covid-19 virus, but unlike Trump, he was seriously ill and ended up in intensive care. There was a moment when Boris was considered hopeless, but he succeeded.

However, the Chinese affliction did not go unnoticed. Above, I quoted Boris’ latest statement that if Putin were a woman, he would not have attacked Ukraine.

This isn’t the first time the British prime minister has expressed appreciation for radical feminism: After meeting Joe Biden at last year’s G-7 summit in Cornwall, our hero said he wanted to rebuild the global economy “in a more feminine, gender-neutral way.”

Any normal person can only say these words in jest. But Boris declared them seriously and deserved to be exiled until then. It ended Brexit and was a mountain for Ukraine, but someone who uses concepts like “gender neutral” shouldn’t even run a gas station, let alone the UK.

During last year’s meeting with the President of the United States, it was clear that Boris was trying to persuade the unintelligent Biden by telling him he wanted to “make our economies greener and fairer.” In practice, this desire was expressed to increase the corporate tax rate from 19% to 26%, although it would be better to lower this rate, on the contrary, in order to attract investment in the British economy, which was finally freed from the shackles of Brussels.

As under Biden, inflation has soared under Boris, which threatens to reach 10% this year, and prices for gasoline, diesel and gas have skyrocketed. Like Biden, Boris has tyrannized energy companies and impeded the exploration and production of politically incorrect energy sources. He tried to put his compatriots in electric cars, forgetting that electricity was not enough for them.

I will objectively state that he saved the UK from the totally insane Labor Party and its anti-Semitic leader Jeremy Corbyn. Like Trump, Boris soon began providing the British with a vaccine against Corona.

I’m not talking about the monarchy, though it turns out one day that in the Prime Minister’s office in Downing Street they had a drinking party on the eve of the Queen’s husband’s funeral. The news made the public unfavorable, as did reports that Johnson had repeatedly held parties in Downing Street in the midst of his strict lockdowns. The so-called partigate was one of the main reasons for the resignation of Boris.

The British seem less tolerant of their leaders’ pranks than the Americans. In the midst of the shutdowns, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was arrested on a secret visit to a beauty salon, and California Governor Gavin Newsom was arrested at an expensive French restaurant, but neither was ever hurt. Now Newsom has been spotted on a trip to Montana, where California politicians can’t go, because in this state, to use Boris’ language, homosexuals are treated inappropriately, but Newsom, who clearly wants to take revenge on Trump for the fact that he (Newsom)’s ex-wife Confused with his eldest son (for Trump), she still dreams of the White House, and has never apologized for his trip to homophobic Montana.

The British also could not forgive Boris for lying and denying him. In addition, he allowed his young wife Carrie to spend a lot of money for the charming restructuring of their house, for which evil tongues called her Carrie Antoinette after the unfortunate Marie Antoinette (“Let them eat cake”).

Finally, Boris recently promoted his fraudster Chris Pincher (lit “the one who pinches”), then lied that he had no idea he was accused of waving two legs.

But the main thing is that Johnson did not live up to the expectations of ordinary voters, who saw in him a faithful populist and wished to move the British ants, and he turned out to be very similar to those who ruled before him.

The “British Trump” looked like the real Trump only in poetry.

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