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Will green energy save us from higher prices in the future?

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Artem Konukhov, Latvian Radio News Service

While electricity and gas prices are rising across Europe, the southern and northern EU have diametrically opposite views on how to tackle this problem. Spain is pushing for urgent reforms to the formula that determines the price of electricity. In addition, Madrid wants the bloc countries to buy gas together. Thus, in their opinion, it is possible to achieve a lower price.

Latvia and the rest of the Baltic states support the position of Northern Europe, Germany, Austria and many other countries: the current price hikes are short-lived, so now the most important thing is to help the vulnerable population survive the coming winter.

Luxembourg Energy Minister Claude Tourmett is of the same opinion: “I can assure you that the joint gas purchase process will take many years. Also, where do you store it? There are many difficult questions here. I think the Spanish government is over-promising when it claims that joint gas purchases will resolve This crisis. The real solution to this crisis is to invest in energy efficiency, to invest in renewable resources and, most importantly for Spain, in communication systems with other markets.”

Not only the issue of joint purchase, but also related gas storage. The Prime Minister of our country, Krisjanis Karenz, said earlier that such an initiative would be interesting for Latvia, considering that we have a gas storage facility in Inkocalens. Ukraine also offers its help, since in this country there are large gas storage facilities.

The EU Energy Commissioner, Kadri Simsun, said before the ministerial meeting began, she wanted a clear signal from the bloc’s countries as to the direction they wanted to take.

“Even if we are talking about the medium term, we still need to start working now, despite the fact that we will see the results of these measures in a few years, not in a few weeks,” she said.

Spain’s position is partially supported by France. Paris also suggests focusing on nuclear energy.

But not everyone agrees with this. In addition, it will take 10-15 years to build a new nuclear power plant, and price problems need to be resolved now.

There are also countries that believe that the sharp rise in prices is associated, in their opinion, with ill-thought-out EU policy in the fight against climate change, in particular with the abandonment of coal. Although most governments do not agree with this.

This crisis is the latest indication of how important the transition to green energy is. Green energy is not a problem, it is a solution to a problem. If we want to achieve two important goals: climate neutrality and an energy-independent Europe, we have to invest more and more money in renewable sources and new technologies.”

– said the Minister of Infrastructure of Slovenia, Jerni Vertovic.

The Latvian government has already taken a number of measures to help vulnerable groups.

In particular, protected user groups Receive The benefits of electricity, which is now must grow upAnd the. In addition to the ruling coalition agreed About compensation in the amount of 20 euros per month for several months To cover the cost of energy resources Elderly vaccination.

Karins undertakes that, if necessary, additional funds will be allocated for these needs.

* The publication was prepared with the financial support of the European Parliament and reflects only the positions of the parties involved in creating the article. The European Parliament is not responsible for any use of the information contained in this publication.

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