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The author’s project “Yerevan Bestseller” of the “Armenpress” media agency presents the ten best documentaries this week. Ranking data is based on sales results for the month of June.

Book number one by Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. This is the world’s premiere book for personal finance management. It tells the story of Robert Kiyosaki and two parents, his father and his rich friend’s father. The story of how these two different people shape their thoughts and ideas about investments and money. The book dispels the myth that getting rich takes a lot of money and explains the difference between working for money and working for you.

In second place is Joe Navarro’s book. “I read your mind”. In this book, you will learn about the primal instincts that govern our body language, why you should not trust the expression of a human face, what is the most “real” part of the body, how to read other people’s thoughts in their arms and legs, body and lips, and how to apply this knowledge.. to make an impression Confident and honest person. The book not only provides compelling examples from the real practice of an FBI agent, but also provides links to the work of the most famous researchers in the field of nonverbal communication. In it you will also find graphics that make reading more understandable and interesting.

In third place came John Strelka of the world’s bestsellers. “Cafe at the end of the world”. The book’s hero escapes from the chaos of his life and finds himself in a cafe at the end of the world, where he rediscovers the meaning of his life in his conversations with the waiters. The book will help each reader determine the meaning of his existence, change his life, and give an incentive to meet the year 2021 as a new person.

Joe Navarro’s book “Be exceptional” in fifth place. A new book by FBI agent Joe Navarro is already available to Armenian readers. Having worked for the FBI for many years, the author shares his experience based on five principles: self-control, perseverance, communication, action, and psychological comfort. This is a new type of book for real leaders, which will certainly help the reader to become a real leader. exceptional.

5 a.m. club Robin Sharma is in sixth place. This is a motivational act. Sharma here advises getting up early in the morning. Following the example of Sharma’s heroes helps the reader become successful, happy and why not – likable. The characters’ travels through different countries, full of interesting adventures, make the book more interesting and attractive.

In seventh place is a book by Napoleon Hill “Think and Enrich”. The famous book of this American author presents the steps and means of enrichment, creating capital, based on the analysis of the author’s own experience and the experience of many wealthy people, which were used and became useful until they became successful by many. People.

In eighth place is a book written by Elon Musk. When everyone is against you. Elon Muskey about himself. The book contains excerpts from interviews and speeches by one of the most influential people in the world, Elon Musk. Thematic sections of the book are devoted to his various areas of activity: SpaceX and the colonization of Mars, Tesla Motors and electric vehicle distribution, SolarCity and green energy. In addition, Elon Musk’s brilliant statements and thoughts on employee policy, work, and life in general are cited.

In ninth place is Mark Manson’s book. “The Art of the Damned Hidden”. In this self-improvement guide, a well-known blogger teaches that in order to be happy, you do not need to constantly pretend that everything is fine, but to be able to face difficulties. We have been taught for decades that in order to be happy and wealthy, you must have a positive mindset. But that era is over. The author explains through scientific research and with the help of black humor that in order to improve the quality of life, you do not need to make lemonade from lemons, but just eat it. Manson, by telling personal stories, sometimes with inappropriate humor, creates an environment of unique intimacy.

In tenth place is the autobiographical memoirs of Lusine Hovhannesian Show yourself, show yourself, Yerevan. The book tells about the inhabitants of the Soviet and current city, describes their collective faces. The book takes us to the former residents of Yerevan, to the smells, tastes, colors, fashion and even vernacular. A story written by a writer, speaker and psychiatrist that evokes all kinds of emotions in the reader: smile, laughter, despair, sadness, regret. But all this is presented with subtle irony. Presenting a chronology of documentary literature, Lusine Hovhannisyan uses the technique of retrospective reflections in the text to show the advantages of Yerevan’s hidden past over its chaotic reality.

“Yerevan Bestseller” was presented by Rosa Grigoryan.

The list does not include books acquired by the “Bestsellers in Yerevan” project.

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