Balakovo NPP shared its experience in implementing lean manufacturing methods with a company from Perm

Balakovo NPP shared its experience in implementing lean manufacturing methods with a company from Perm

The purpose of the working visit was to learn about the RPS, methodology, implementation experience and best practices of Balakovo nuclear scientists in “lean” production.

Acquaintance with the nuclear power plant began at the training center, with a large-scale visit to the simulator. How the principles of “lean” production work, how effective they are in achieving economic indicators, and most importantly, in ensuring safety, watch guests from Perm directly at the production site. Specialists from the chemical store, the central repair workshop and the storage department shared their experiences and results of innovations, told how RPS samples are created and worked.

The meeting ended with a round table, where guests from Perm received a checklist for the first stage of the deployment of the “lean-free” production system. Also meet the Balakovo NPP certified RPS trainer, who will soon go to Perm and train Silur personnel to apply the basic principles and tools of RPS.

“We have been implementing the Lean Production System in phases since 2009,” said Anton Fyev, Head of RPS Development at Balakovo NPP. – Every year, nuclear power plant employees submit about 300 proposals to improve production processes. We have implemented 350 RPS projects since 2015. Only last year the economic impact amounted to more than 284 million rubles. Today, our plant tops the efficiency rating among the nuclear industry enterprises – RPS pioneers. And we not only share our best practices, we take responsibility and will fully oversee the implementation of RPS in Silur.

“I was amazed at how deeply RPS penetrated all production procedures and areas, as well as the participation of employees in the improvement process,” said Igor Shenkman, Chief Technology Officer of OOO Silur. We saw with our own eyes that the project was safe. It has been understood that nuclear energy is a modern technology, it is in fact “green” and safe energy. I have noticed many useful practices for myself, which we can apply in the near future. I am sure that cooperation with the Balakovo NPP in the field of RPS will also help us achieve serious results. ”

09:3829 July 22

Penzaenergo repaired the 110 kV Bekovo-Vishnevoye transmission line

far.. 09:3629 July 22

Public procurement for repair of engineering and community infrastructure has been consolidated in Moscow

far.. 08:4829 July 22

Security guard: Yekaterinburg Gas and the Ministry of Emergencies carry out preventive raids

far.. 08:3929 July 22

Ukraine forced to switch to natural gas from Slovakia

far.. 08:3229 July 22

Gazprom Gas Distribution Arkhangelsk built a gas pipeline for the gasification of more than 380 families and two boiler houses

far.. 08:2829 July 22

Rossetti North Caucasus provided electricity to more than 8,500 new consumers in the North Caucasus Federal District in six months

far.. 08:2329 July 22

“Saratov RS” uses thermal imaging equipment to inspect power network equipment

far.. 07:5329 July 22

The gas processing facility in the Kharasaveyskoye field has resumed work after preventive maintenance

far.. 07:4929 July 22

Rusatom infrastructure solutions will complement the municipal digitization guidelines

far.. 07:4429 July 22

Seversk “MK-Polymer” has received membership in the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

far.. 07:4229 July 22

OMK organizes training courses for young IT professionals

far.. 07:3829 July 22

Novoralsk is looking for solutions to speed up the industrial complex project

far.. 07:3529 July 22

Bashmidi underground mine received new equipment

far.. 07:3129 July 22

Resident of TASED “Novouralsk” builds cooperation in a number of industries

far.. 07:2929 July 22

The Government of the Russian Federation will allocate more than 350.5 million rubles for the renewal of the Saransk bus fleet

far.. 07:2229 July 22

The Cascade series of Upper Volga HPPs increased production by 18% in the first half of the year

far.. 07:1029 July 22

TASED of Rosatom will create equipment for new data processing centers

far.. 07:0429 July 22

The RusHydro branch in Dagestan will support the exhibition of young artists of the North Caucasus

far.. 06:5929 July 22

The forum in Novoralsk will bring together representatives of civil society from the atomic cities

far.. 06:3929 July 22

Buyers of Sakhalin gas had to pay through a Russian bank

far.. 05:5829 July 22

Unipro net loss in the first half of the year amounted to 12.83 billion rubles

far.. 05:5429 July 22

It is planned to complete the construction of Ulan-Ude CHPP-2 as part of the concession program in the Far East

far.. 05:3429 July 22

The Games “Children of Asia” began with the participation of athletes from the “Vostochny Port” in Vladivostok.

far.. 05:2429 July 22

Lenenergo surveyed nearly 400 kilometers of power lines with drones for six months

far.. 05:2129 July 22

NLMK Introduces New Air Quality Monitoring System

far.. 05:0429 July 22

All new CHPP equipment in Khabarovsk will be Russian-made

far.. 04:5829 July 22

Residents of Kurchatov collected half a ton of recyclable materials as part of an environmental campaign

far.. 04:5529 July 22

The project “District of Culture of Rosatom” presented an open-air exhibition of Volgodonsk

far.. 04:5329 July 22

The general manager of Rosenergoatom chaired the Board of Trustees of Ivanovo State Power Engineering University

far.. 04:5029 July 22

Smolensk NPP brought the power unit No. 2 to the nominal capacity

far.. 04:4629 July 22

LUKOIL preserves red-listed fish groups

far.. 04:4329 July 22

RusHydro net profit under RAS for the first half of the year up 17%

far.. 04:2829 July 22

The Royal Commission for Al-Ula Province signed a concession agreement in Blagoveshchensk worth 12.6 billion rubles

far.. 04:1929 July 22

Balakovo NPP shared its experience in implementing lean manufacturing methods with a company from Perm

far.. 04:0629 July 22 ranked 7th in the Top 10 Most Cited Media in the Fuel & Energy Pool for Q2 2022

far.. 04:0429 July 22

FGC UES repaired the power equipment of the largest power supply center of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District

far.. 03:5929 July 22

The Design Institute of Rosatom for 5 years has increased the order portfolio by 4 times



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