Opinion / Schizophrenia of German politicians is to blame for gas problems :: the author Igor Maltsev

To understand how much more important a warm toilet is than in Kyiv, it is enough to open any European newspaper. Especially German. Since the perfect storm began – the Canadian ban on the removal of the Siemens turbine for Nord Stream from repair, the proud statements of “green” politicians about the impending refusal of Russian gas, the pressure drop in the pipeline, the useless trip of the Vice President. Counselor Habek to the countries of the Middle East in search of spiritual and mundane warmth – all journalists are busy with one thing. Guess whether Nord Stream 1 will get out of the planned gas reform or Putin will show Europe a bumblebee with oil instead of gas.

German politicians go around the ocean and convince everyone that it is Putin who is responsible for everything, who certainly will not give any gas (because that is exactly what they would have done themselves), and therefore we now present the protocol for a catastrophic scenario according to which you will live in apartments under 19 degrees Celsius Electricity will be supplied by a fan and a shaped fan. and so on.

Moreover, the focus is on how poor Germans will suffer due to the fact that Russia always violated contracts and jumped to the point that Nord Stream 2, which could have saved Germany, had to be banned because of Ukraine.

Frankly, I don’t care about Germans from Sylt to Lake Constance. But this shameless lie about contracts and about SP2, which is repeated every day in the newspapers, really provokes outrage. Because: a) Russia never violated contracts even in the darkest days of the Cold War, b) SP2 was banned at the request of the Americans, when there was not even the smell of Ukraine in public. But since the Americans demanded it with a capital letter, the local press praised this decision.

They still pretend that there is no schizophrenia in this, because, as one Welt commentator wrote, “We have two distribution channels, which differ in that second channel of distribution, require no additional costs, do not run the risk of theft, and are also the most up-to-date. Suppliers provide a product through Channel One. Offering the same product from the same supplier through Channel Two is obscene, offensive and unacceptable. Can someone explain this to me?”

A gynecologist from Brussels, part-time President of the European Commission, Madame Laine, answers the reader of Welt: Nord Stream 2 is not accredited and cannot work ”(the calling sign is “What? Where? When?”). But the reader is now getting smarter From the writer, and these stupid lies and excuses do not touch him: “The Tesla plant in Brandenburg also has only a temporary operating permit. Why can’t this be done in Nord Stream 2? Oh, I forgot, Biden v. Otherwise, it would have happened very quickly,” another interested German wrote.

Now domestic politicians and the media have two options: a) Putin does not turn on the current after the reforms – and we said that Russia always violates contracts, b) the current is turned on – ah, Putin got scared! The option “Russia has always fulfilled contracts, and now it fulfills them” is simply not on their horizon. They have already worked out everything and this will be the only way – a step to the right, a step to the left – to dissent from the correct opinion, the only one.

But the staggering obsession with warm showers and toilets is just a smokescreen. Because with regard to Russian gas, there is one taboo subject – the economy and industry. And not the day he could breathe the last. number. The Germans could not admit out loud that the enormous competitiveness and strength of German industry with huge labor costs, all these export successes and Maybach missiles with tanks for sale, for many years were based on one advantage – cheap energy from Russia.

That is, all these years and decades, in strict accordance with the contracts, Russia pumped Germany with the most profitable product – cheap stable power, which turned into electricity for plants and factories, especially after the ban on the operation of nuclear power plants in the country (three units remained). Cheap heat and electricity for industry. Since “Green Energy” is a nice project for brainwashed young people who think that electricity is in a socket, and food is in a supermarket, but you can’t build a tank on green spaces. Siemens turbines, too. Newspapers and television are silent about it.

Nobody is saying that the data centers at Google, Amazon and others are powered solely by gas and oil, and not at all by a windmill and a solar battery. Consuming huge amounts of electricity without interruption. A general myth has been established that smartphones, the Internet, search engines, and merchandise delivery are all politically correct “green” energy for electric scooters under a rainbow sky. but not. It all works only thanks to cheap Russian gas in the billions of cubic meters. Although, of course, you can charge the iPhone from a windmill. when the wind. But this windmill must first be produced – most likely, not at all using solar energy.

So the main losses of Germany from the mediocre policy of semi-illiterate leaders (literally, I’m not kidding) is not at all that someone will wash with less warm water. number. The state is losing its place in the global industrial process before our eyes. And somewhere across the ocean, the same Uncle Sam from the Soviet cartoon rubbed his hands.

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