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German media reported Friday evening, January 21, citing the text of the statement that the German government, in a statement sent to the European Commission, categorically refused to recognize nuclear energy as “green”. “According to the federal government, nuclear energy is not compatible with the concept of sustainable development. Serious accidents that threaten humans and the environment cannot be ruled out. Nuclear energy is expensive, and the issue of nuclear waste disposal is also unregulated,” the document says.

At the same time, the German government agreed to recognize natural gas as an intermediate technology. “According to the federal government, gas used in state-of-the-art gas-fired power plants and its efficiency for a limited time – before transitioning to energy based on renewables – is an intermediate link that allows you to phase out coal quickly and thus achieve short-term reductions in CO2 emissions. and ensuring a rapid transition to renewable energy sources.

The deadline for submitting justifications to the European Commission expired at zero on 22 January. Until the last moment, the German government was arguing about the admissibility of recognizing gas as an energy carrier compatible with the concept of sustainable development. Regarding the non-recognition of “green” nuclear energy, an agreement was reached in the Cabinet of Ministers a long time ago.

EU energy plans

At the end of December, the European Commission sent a draft opinion stating that investments in the latest generation of nuclear power plants can be recognized as being in line with the concept of sustainable development if there is an acceptable plan for the disposal of nuclear waste. Gas-fired power plants are also recognized as “green” for a limited time, subject to a number of conditions.

AFP notes that despite the negative attitude of the German government towards nuclear energy, it is unlikely that Germany will be able to prevent the European Commission from implementing its program, as only a few EU countries have openly opposed the recognition of nuclear and gas energy. Types of “green” energy. Austria and Luxembourg intend to file a lawsuit to prevent the inclusion of nuclear energy in the list of “green” investments.

Germany rejects nuclear power plants

In 2000, Germany decided to phase out nuclear power. At that time, 19 nuclear power plants were operating in the country. In 2011, under Chancellor Angela Merkel, it was decided to complete this process by the end of 2022. Now there are only three nuclear power plants left in Germany, and they must be shut down by December 31.

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