NATO plans to achieve net emissions by 2050 – Stoltenberg

The NATO Strategic Concept defines climate change as one of the most important long-term security challenges

NATO plans to cut emissions by 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050 as it sees climate change as a major security challenge.

This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on June 28, as part of the first dialogue on climate change during the alliance’s summit in Madrid, according to reports. Ukrinform.

He said the alliance had developed a first methodology for measuring greenhouse emissions from NATO activities, both in the civilian and military fields. Based on this methodology, Stoltenberg announced the first climate goals of NATO as an organization.

Part of this effort will be phasing out fossil fuel use, increasing the military’s use of renewable sources and climate-friendly alternative fuels, and improving the energy efficiency of equipment.

“It is just that there is a technological revolution underway now. Green energy is something that can bring great benefits to our military. All modern cars are now electric. I am convinced that in the future, military equipment will be the most and the armed forces will be the most sustainable and will not depend on fossil fuels” .

Stoltenberg noted that the war in Ukraine demonstrated how dangerous it is to rely on certain commodities sourced from totalitarian regimes. While this world is pushing to quickly get rid of dependence on Russian oil and gas, no one can replace another dependence.

“Many new green technologies are based on rare earth materials, a large part of which comes from China. Therefore, we need to diversify our energy resources and existing supply methods,” the NATO leader said.

He stressed that the NATO Strategic Concept, which will be adopted at the Alliance Summit in Madrid, identifies climate change as one of the important long-term security challenges. NATO and allies will work to understand and assess this threat, adapt forces and infrastructure to it, and increase their resilience.

“We can’t compromise our military capabilities. NATO believes in the world with a credible deterrence and defense policy. Nothing is more important. If we can’t protect the world, we can’t protect the world from climate change either.” He said.

Stoltenberg indicated that NATO should do so Providing military forces with equipment that can be used in conditions of extreme heat or cold, their ability to respond to emergency events, protect coastal installations from rising waters and respond to the consequences of military activity in the high latitudes of the North.

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