Energy saving started in Uzbekistan by themselves

According to the information service of the Ministry of Energy, the Ferghana Thermal Power Plant and the Syrdarya Thermal Power Plant have announced a tender for the installation of solar panels.

Installing solar panels with a capacity of 1800-2000 kW. cost
Ferghana CHPP – 17.3 billion som, with a capacity of 1200-1500 kW Syrdarya TPP – 12.45 billion som.

The requirements for bidders are the same for the two generating companies.

not be in the process of reorganization, liquidation or bankruptcy;

not be in the case of judicial or arbitration proceedings with the client, as well as in the Unified Register of Unscrupulous Performers;

You do not have debts to pay taxes and other mandatory payments;

It must be created at least 11 months prior to the announcement of the competition;

have experience in providing similar services;

does not have cases of improper fulfillment of obligations undertaken under previously concluded agreements;

They do not have founders who are the same legal entities and individuals;

not registered in states or territories that provide a preferential tax system and / or do not provide for the disclosure and provision of information when conducting financial transactions (offshore regions), as well as for non-resident accounts in banks located in overseas territories;

You must have a production base, labor resources and specialists necessary to perform the work (services).

As previously reported with reference to the Information Service of the Ministry of Energy, by 2026, the volume of electricity produced from renewable sources will be increased to about 11,000 megawatts.

In particular, by 2026, the capacity of solar and wind power plants in Uzbekistan will reach 8000 MW, and the capacity of hydroelectric power plants – 2920 MW (total 10,920 MW).

As a result, 25% of the total electricity produced in the country by this year will come from renewable energy sources (“green” energy).

This will make it possible to save about 3 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually. This amount of gas saved is equivalent to supplying one million homes with natural gas for one year.

With this amount of natural gas saved, it is possible to generate an additional 15 billion kWh of electricity. This amount of electricity is enough today to supply 98% of the population of Uzbekistan during the year.

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