Ternopil “Neva” identity

Newly formed in 2016, Ternopil Niva, retained the well-known name of the fans and the yellow and green colors of the team that played in the major tournaments in the 90s, but was dissolved in 2015. In the amateur championship, where the revival of the Ternopil club began, the new leadership retained the old logo. For the 2017/18 season, Niva entered the second league and decided to get a new logo.


I received an offer to develop a new logo for Niva a couple of months before the start of this season, which is why the whole project went at a fairly fast pace. On May 21 I drew a sketch on paper, and on June 9 I made the last edits.

I must say right away that the management of Niva gave me a full scope of work. The club only asked to keep the basic elements of the old crest, but defeated them in a new way. Yellow and green colors, ears of corn, a stripe with the name of the club, the coat of arms of Ukraine – all this had to be preserved.

The main element in the history of Niva emblems has always been the football. There is nothing wrong with having a ball on the football club logo. Another question is how it is drawn and what place it occupies. I didn’t want the ball to be in the center of the new logo. In addition, I immediately understood that the new emblem was in danger of being too similar to the Russian emblem of the Kuban. Hence the question arose about the new symbol of Ternopolis.

“Neva” is a synonym for a fertile field, so the symbolism of the ears makes sense. The field with ears creates an image of the habitat, the native land of the Neva – Ternopil. But the field image is not a clear icon. Therefore, it was decided to invent one of the inhabitants of these parts – an animal that can give the team a masculine character. There was a photo of the ancestor of the modern bull – the round. A huge wild bull with a height of 180 cm, even predators were afraid to attack it. Yes, the rounds are over (due to people’s fault). But they are still considered one of the symbols of Ukraine, firmly rooted in folklore. The Tour is a symbol of courage and strong-willed character, which is well suited for the sports brand.

The real challenge for me was to write the coat of arms of Ukraine in the emblem. Someone will say that it is unacceptable to subject the state emblem to any kind of style. But let’s remember Shakhtar’s motto, where Three orange shapes also make up the Ukrainian Trident. The main thing here is the message of the club with its logo. Let official state symbols be on state buildings and documents.

For instrumentation and typography, a simplified sign and monochrome logo have been developed.

Quote from After “Change Logos – The Soul Doesn’t Change” (Link from VK) Niva Ternopil fans who described the new logo better than me:

“First of all, attention is drawn to the central element – a stylized round. He immediately betrayed the motto of some “wild” energy, I felt the spirit of the fighter. The reckless presence of a hoof on the ball seemed to immediately make it clear who is the boss on the field. Finally, Ordinary yellow spikelets appeared on the emblem, which really looks like spikelets, and therefore resembles them from other coats of arms (in the sense of the emblem “Cuban”. – Approximately. author). An embellished trident fits very harmoniously. The logo is not overloaded with texts, everything is concise – the name of the team and the city. From a marketing point of view, the proposed logo is very promising, because it completely eliminates the problem with the team mascot.

I read all the comments from Niva fans about the new logo. The main topic of discussion, as expected, was the tour. I hope to explain why it appears. I’m glad so many people understand this. But I could not perceive the desire to enter the date of 1978 in the logo, as this conflicts with the club’s registration documents where it was indicated 2016. But in terms of instruments, we will be able to indicate 1978 – I hope this is a good compensation.

At the beginning of the season, Niva players showed exactly what spirit the green monster on the logo was supposed to reflect. They “wrestled”, defeating Metalist 1925 in the Ukraine Cup on penalties, winning, scoring two goals at once in stoppage time, Arsenal – Kievshchina.

A meme about the new photo of the Ternopil Niva. Respect the author!

Program and tickets for the first Neva match with a new logo – July 9, 2017:

the form

Among the participants in the second league, 10 clubs out of 24 use yellow (Agrobusiness, Bukovina, Energia, Metallurg Z, Mir, Ternopil, Prykarpattya, Metallist-1925, Ingulets -2). “Polesie” uses exactly the yellow-green scale, like “Niva”.

While working on the set, I set myself the task of sharing Niva with clubs of similar color. More green should be added to the yellow mold, and the green should be made darker. I also recommended that the Niva management consider developing a third group in the future – white, in order to unload the yellow and green colors of the club. It is not at all necessary to make a unique third costume, it is enough for additional T-shirts to suffice. Visually, this greatly diversifies the look of the team, while not having to spend money on extra shorts and socks.

As the main figure, I assumed dark green shirts and yellow shorts. To make it unique, it is made of dark green and green stripes. The round on the logo has the same colors. But given the club’s early matches, the yellow crest was chosen as the main outfit.

Striped leggings did not have enough time. In the team’s arsenal for the first season will be yellow and green socks without drawings. There are some complaints about the lines on the shoulders – they are not dark enough and do not contrast well. The raglan cut is very comfortable and provides a good range of freedom of hand movement. The distinctive shoulder strap emphasizes the sportiness, gives more brutality.

In the future, with a green outfit, I will do more radically – with each season, I bring the shades of some of its details to darker shades, closer to black with bright green details. That’s because I don’t like it when the green look blends in with the color of the grass. Therefore, clubs wearing green uniforms should take into account brightly colored “reflectors”. Here, yellow for Niva is just the way.

Thinking about color in this case is just theoretical. The requirement to create a uniform in the original club colors makes the task very difficult. Dyeing of fabrics is very expensive, and the process takes additional time, which was not always the case. Lviv company K-segment I can only use standard canvas colors in this project. As a result, the shape of the “green rounds” turned out to be somewhat brighter than the logo. Such problems exist everywhere in Ukraine and Europe. On Niva, everything is just starting, and so far I don’t see any reason to find the error. But there is work to be done in the future.

Font and numbers

There was some misunderstanding with the numbers. It’s made in a font dedicated to family surnames. They are very similar, so no one noticed the difference. As a result, the numbers turned out as follows:

The disadvantage of this line is that the numbers here are too wide, and the two-digit numbers look a bit full.

According to my idea, the image of Niva should be inspired by the classic football. To me, the regional spirit of the team can be compared to the mixture of retro motifs and strict football classics.

I thought about putting the names in a bracket, but unfortunately, League Two does not regulate the mandatory use of names in the form of teams, which are easily used by the vast majority of PFL clubs.

But I hope that in the future the names will appear on the backs of the players, because the names of athletes are an important part of any modern football kit.

Sponsor’s Logo Title

On the chest of the Niva there is the logo of the Ternopil construction company Invest Rodina. She suggested applying the sponsor’s emblem in the club’s colors – yellow – white – green, so that the home kit is perceived at least as a whole. The main sponsor of the Red Communion color could have been left on the outer card. Although they did not repaint the Invest Rodina logo, they listened to the advice, albeit somewhat grotesque, that they completely refused to apply the logo to the yellow house jerseys. There was a red logo on the eggs. This tangible difference, with and without the logo, created some dissonance between the two groups.


In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to Niva Ternopil for their confidence and responsiveness in the process of working on the rebranding. I hope to see a green round at the UPL in the future!

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