The largest pure hydrogen plant in Europe is being built in the Netherlands

Shell intends to decarbonize the production of petroleum products in the Netherlands by sending hydrogen to its plant in Rotterdam.

Shell Oil Company will build Europe’s largest clean hydrogen plant.

The Shell Holland Hydrogen Plant 1 is expected to be built in the Netherlands, specifically in the port of Rotterdam. The green energy for the 200MW cell will come from the Hollands Coast (Nord) offshore wind farm, also owned by Shell.

This huge electrolyzer will produce 60 tons of hydrogen per day. This hydrogen will be used to run the Shell Energy and Chemical Refinery in Rotterdam. This will partially remove carbon from the production of petroleum products.

Shell, in explaining the use of hydrogen in this way, points to the fact that there is currently insufficient demand for hydrogen in the transportation sector. With the spread of commercial and fuel cell passenger cars, Shell says it will shift some of its products to this market, which will help remove carbon from vehicles.

In addition to the new plant, Shell intends to install hydrogen pumps in some filling stations, especially in strategic locations such as highways and major cities. This will unravel the Gorillary knot that FCEVs currently operate in: Automakers don’t sell hydrogen cars because hydrogen stations are unavailable, and energy companies don’t invest in hydrogen stations because there aren’t enough hydrogen cars. In this case, someone has to take the first step.

A successful way to solve this problem is to use Hybrid Fuel Cells (PHEV). Instead of burning hydrogen or gasoline, they will use the hydrogen in their tanks to efficiently recharge their batteries. NamX and Toyota are pursuing an interchangeable hydrogen capsule strategy. Shell, in turn, can help them do this by building the world’s largest clean hydrogen plant.


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