The Nation and United Schools, Gay Rights and Energy Independence. Attīstībai / Par! Submit lists of candidates to Parliament

Coalition Society Attīstībai / Par! It became the first political force to submit to the Central Election Commission (CEC) lists of candidates for the 14th Parliament.

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Who are the locomotives?

List Attīstībai / Par! (AR!) In Riga it will be chaired by former Minister of Internal Affairs Maria Golubeva, who resigned under pressure from the National Assembly after the events near the memorial in Bardaugava on June 10. The capital’s list includes Health Minister Daniel Pavlots, Seimas Deputy Vita Anda Terauda.

The list in Vidzeme will be headed by Defense Minister Artes Pabrix, who recently took the initiative to reinstate compulsory military conscription. The wife of the former Estonian president, Eva Elfsa, a cybersecurity expert, and Anders Skreid, the head of the Seimas Committee for Social and Labor Issues, will run in the Vidzeme constituency.

The leaders of the list in Corzim are the new Minister of the Interior Christaps Eklons, Deputy of the Liepaja City Council Dies Block, and media expert Einars Demans.

In Zemgale, the head of the Ministry of Environment and Regional Development (VARAM) Arturs Toms Pleshs, MP Vyacheslav Dombrowski, who was elected at Saeima 13 of Harmony and later expelled from the party, as well as a deputy of the Riga City Council Anete Jekabsone-Zhogota, are running for Zemgale.

In Latgale, the list will be headed by the former president of VARAM Juris Puce, who will go down in the political history of Latvia as the minister who dismissed the former Riga mayor, Neil Ushakov (“Approval”) and proceeded to dissolve it from the Riga City Council of the previous call. In the top three in Latgale – the former mayor of Daugavpils Janis Lachbliss and Diet deputy Janina Corset.

What do they prepare?

July 9 Attīstībai / Par! He approved the electoral program under the slogan Droši kopā!. Here are the most important promises of political unification:

  • Within three years, replace gas and oil with other energy capabilities (windmills, solar, wood, etc.);
  • introduction of “ceilings” for heating prices, support for the installation of gas heating boilers, assistance to people receiving housing allowance, solving the problem of mass insulation of housing;
  • The pillars of Latvia’s security should be a “strong civilian state”, the presence of NATO allies in the country, and a free Ukraine in a united Europe.
  • “In a strong country, everyone studies in the same schools,” the program says. AP! Emphasizes that “our” are all those who respect Satversme and support freedom, all those in the world who retain belonging to Latvia and its culture. At the same time, the Latvian language should be developed using modern digital technologies.
  • Higher education should be free for those who pass exams well, and scholarships should be paid for in order to meet social needs. Latvian universities should be opened to foreign professors and students.
  • Latvia is not only Riga. The priority of Latgale support is emphasized separately.
  • The program does not expressly promise to secure the passage of a civil partnership bill that would address the concerns of same-sex couples. Remember that AP! – One of the main lobbyists for such a law in the Thirteenth Parliament. However, there is a phrase – “all families must be protected by law.” Remember that AP! The program also states that social support for single-parent families, unmarried elderly people, and children should be more targeted.
  • They also promise further digitization of the whole country: so that it will be possible to buy tickets in public transport electronically, vote and participate in public life.

What are the opportunities?

Now Attīstībai / Par! Represented in Parliament by 13 deputies. In the current 13th AR elections! 12.04% of the electorate voted.

In July, the political union Attīstībai / Par! They were ready, according to the SKDS survey, 5.7% of the participants (in June – 6.6%). This is the fourth place in the political summit after the ruler “New Unity” and the opposition National Assembly “Al-Rida”.

Another big success for augmented reality! – First place in the Riga city council elections in cooperation with the “Progressive” party. Then 26.14% voted for the Triple Alliance. However, for the elections to the 14th Parliament, the “Progressives” provide a separate election for Attīstībai/Par! List of Candidates for Representatives.

Here you can find the full version of the Seimas and AP Association Candidate Lists!

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