President Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan is currently carrying out one of the most complex restoration and reconstruction works

Baku, Azerbaijan, October 1 Azerbaijan is currently carrying out one of the most complex and ambitious restoration and reconstruction works.

This, in particular, was said by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev during his speech in video form at the opening ceremony of the eleventh session of the World Urban Forum.

“The reconstruction process begins with demining. Mass mining is the biggest difficulty we face, and this slows down the reconstruction work and the return of internally displaced persons. According to preliminary estimates, during the occupation period, Armenia laid more than 1 million mines in these lands. After the end of the national war in November 2020, as a result of an explosion With a mine, more than 220 Azerbaijani citizens were killed or seriously injured.

Azerbaijan implements modern urban planning in the liberated lands, and applies the concepts of “green energy” and “zero waste”.

For 30 years, the internally displaced have suffered from the Armenian occupation and been deprived of their homes. The first pilot project for the return of internally displaced persons was carried out in Aghali village, Zangilan District. In May of this year, the first residents of the village of Aghali began to settle in their native lands. Today Agali is one of the most modern villages in the world.

In less than eight months, Azerbaijan built an airport in the liberated city of Fuzuli. At present, two more airports are being built in Zangilan and Lachin liberated from occupation.

The master plans of some liberated cities are already ready. The master plan of Shusha was built on the preservation of its lavish historical heritage.

In Agdam, which will become the industrial center of the Karabakh region, we are building a completely new city for tens of thousands of people. The Agdam Industrial Complex is already operational, which covers an area of ​​200 hectares, and is open to investors and businessmen.

Zangilan City is built keeping in mind its integration into nature and transformed into a city park.

In general, our goal in the renovation process is to combine quality and speed. Environmental protection will be among our priorities in this process.

Our goal is to build inclusive, safe, secure and sustainable cities and villages in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. In the new towns and villages the conditions of life and work will be united.

All this work is done at the expense of the financial resources of Azerbaijan.

We believe that this large-scale reconstruction work carried out by Azerbaijan is turning our liberated lands into a laboratory of excellence in the field of urban development. Azerbaijan will share its vast experience in this field with the international community.

Besides, solidarity with our country and international support are of great importance to us in the field of reconstruction in the liberated lands. This will strengthen our belief that Azerbaijan is not alone in its noble activities.

In cooperation with the United Nations, the World Bank and the European Union, we have already conducted an assessment of the rehabilitation and reconstruction needs in our three areas liberated from occupation.”

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