IKEA has started selling green energy

IKEA started selling green electricity. The project was initially launched in Sweden, but by 2025 the company hopes that renewable energy will be generated and sold in all global markets.

In Sweden, the sale of energy will depend on the subscription service model. Users will get electricity from solar panels or wind power for a fixed monthly fee as well as a variable price. Consumers themselves can monitor their electricity consumption using the Strömma mobile app, which is the name of a district in Stockholm County.

To provide this service, the home furnishings seller partners with the solar panel supplier. According to Reuters, the idea is to buy electricity from the Scandinavian Energy Exchange and resell it without excess.

By buying power from “young” wind and solar farms (IKEA is targeting factories less than five years old), the Swedish group wants to help catalyze the construction of such plants. Additionally, IKEA solar buyers can use the app to track the production and sale of electricity they don’t use themselves.

By 2025, the company intends to enable customers in all markets of Ingka’s retail division to use and generate renewable energy through their energy services. Currently, consumers can already purchase solar panels in eleven countries.

Green energy is becoming a new market for a growing number of retailers. Coolblue previously launched its own power generation formula, a service that can be cost-effectively combined with retailer green electronics such as charging stations and solar panels.

The Belgian group Colruyt also provides electricity to individuals through its fuel company Dats 24. Its wind turbines and solar installations generate 2.7 times more electricity than what a supermarket group consumes. That’s why the retailer now wants to supply 132,000 households with green energy using the surplus.

“Providing solar and wind energy at low cost to more people is a natural step on our path to sustainability,” Bojan Staubar, director of sales at IKEA of Sweden, told Electric magazine.

“It helps maintain the green image of the retailer, but it also gives the company an outlet for excess capacity and generates additional revenue.”

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