Biden declares a state of emergency in the United States due to the risks of electricity shortages

Washington (IA Realist). President of the United States of America Joe Biden He signed a decree introducing the emergency system due to the electricity supply crisis. This was stated in the decree Posted on June 6 on the website White House.

The document notes that “immediate action is needed to ensure that the United States has sufficient solar modules to meet its electricity needs.”

Several factors threaten the ability of the United States to generate enough electricity to meet expected consumer demand. These factors include disruptions to energy markets caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. For example, in some parts of the country, droughts combined with heat waves simultaneously lead to projected electricity shortages and record electricity demand. As a result, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electrical Reliability Foundation warned of short-term power reliability issues in their recent summer reliability assessments.

The US President had declared a state of emergency in the field of electricity supply “to meet the expected demand of consumers.”

The Ministry of Commerce remains committed to protecting our economic and national security from unprecedented challenges. As drought hurts the West, and Russia’s unwarranted invasion of Ukraine puts more pressure on the US energy market, prevents blackouts, diversifying our energy sources, and responding to the climate crisis has never been more urgent, solar energy is vital. Created to meet these needs, announce in the US Department of Commerce.

The White House has made clear that Biden’s actions are aimed at increasing domestic production of solar panel parts, building materials, high-efficiency heat pumps and other components, including those used to generate clean energy.

Under the decree, the Commerce Department is given additional powers to respond to emergencies. In particular, some solar cells and battery modules exported from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam must be allowed duty-free entry into the United States for two years or until the end of the emergency.

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