Ukraine plans to build 7.1 gigawatts of renewable energy facilities

German Energy Minister Galushenko said that Ukraine, as part of its post-war reconstruction, aims to build 7.1 gigawatts of renewable energy facilities.

“Our goal is to build 7.1 gigawatts of new renewable energy, and move to market models for green energy incentives, particularly green auctions. We also plan to install 750 megawatts of storage capacity in the first phase,” the minister said during an online meeting. A high-level meeting entitled “Green Energy for Post-War Ukraine Reconstruction” (“Renewable Energy Sources for Post-War Ukraine Energy”), which was organized in Brussels on Monday.

According to him, stated in the statement of the Ministry of Energy, the green transition will be at the heart of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction, and it is planned to implement decarbonization of the energy sector of Ukraine, in particular, thanks to the development of safe and carbon-free nuclear energy.
“We are considering 10 gigawatts of hydrogen exports from Ukraine to the EU, which the European Commission has set as the starting number,” the minister added.

For its part, the Ukrainian Solar Energy Association announced that as a result of this meeting, the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association and related European associations WindEurope and SolarPower Europe signed a joint statement of the leaders of Ukraine and the European Union calling for the use of renewable energy in Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction, setting a goal to achieve 50 % of renewable energy in electricity production until 2030 through onshore and offshore wind energy, as well as the development of rooftop and ground solar power plants.

“To achieve these goals, Ukraine and the European Union must create a strong and sustainable technological, industrial and investment partnership in order to attract the necessary investments in renewable energy sources, as well as in sustainable and fully synchronized electricity networks. Therefore, we invite the leaders of Ukraine and the European Union to create a special instrument “Renewable Energy for Ukraine As part of the joint strategic plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

As reported in the EU, European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simsun, who also participated in the meeting, reiterated the EU’s determination to support Ukraine – both during the war and during the reconstruction period.

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