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A unit of the wind energy division of Rosatom and Chiesi has signed an agreement to purchase I-REC certificates

Nuclear power managers in Russia are diversifying green spaces by developing the wind component. The photo shows the “windmills” of Rosatom – the company “NovaWind”. Photo from

JSC Atomenergopromsbyt (part of JSC NovaWind, wind energy division of Rosatom) and the Russian division of the Chiesi group of companies (Italy) have signed an agreement on green certification of the international standard I-REC, confirming the origin of energy from renewable sources.

In this way, Chiesi aims to reduce its environmental impact by implementing a model based on responsible consumption and production in order to conserve resources for future generations. The agreement provides for an increase in the full volume of electricity consumed by the Russian branch of Kizhi in 2021.

We understand that the Green Agenda will continue to actively develop in the coming years. The conversion of Russian companies to decarbonization can only be done if this process is open and transparent and actively participates in dialogue with all stakeholders. Grigory Nazarov, General Manager of NovaWind JSC, emphasized that the signed agreement certainly confirms that Rosatom is ready to provide its partners with various tools to implement their strategies in the field of responsible consumption, production and sustainable development.

“Caring for the environment is not a trend today, it is our reality and the responsibility of every market player. For KIZI in Russia, this is a very big strategic step towards carbon neutrality. We are very pleased that we now have the opportunity to purchase green certificates, and thanks to the capabilities of Atomenergopromsbyt, we are making a contribution to the preservation of the environment.” environment,” said engineer Chiesi Russia Artem Molkov.

Proper use of energy plays an essential role in reducing the impact of human activities on the climate. The Chiesi Group’s actions around the world provide concrete support for the energy and environmental transition in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Cooperation with JSC Atomenergopromsbyt will allow Chiesi to gain access to green certification and take a huge step forward in implementing the sustainable development strategy in Russia. The group of companies has also committed to achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2035 and is systematically following this strategy.

To evaluate the information presented, the reader must understand that in this case we are talking about two components of green energy. The fact is that JSC NovaWind is a division of Rosatom, the main task of which is to unite the efforts of the state company in the advanced sectors and technological platforms of the electric power industry. The company was incorporated in September 2017. NovaWind controls all of Rosatom’s competencies in the wind energy sector, from design and construction to power engineering and operation of wind power plants.

To date, NovaWind JSC has operated 720 megawatts of wind power. Altogether, by 2027, Rosatom will operate wind power plants with a total capacity of about 1.7 gigawatts.

JSC Atomenergopromsbyt was founded in May 2014 as a power supply company of the state corporation Rosatom, which provides electricity to nuclear industry companies and other electricity consumers. In addition, the company is developing new energy projects within the electricity market model in Russia: renewable energy, distributed generation, storage and digital energy.

On the other hand, the international group of Chiesi companies, headquartered in Parma (Italy), is engaged in research in the field of pharmaceuticals and health care, is represented in 30 countries and has more than 85 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. To achieve its mission of improving the quality of life for people, the group researches, develops and markets innovative products for three therapeutic areas: AIR (goods and services that improve breathing for people of all ages – from newborns to adults), rare (treatment of rare and very rare diseases). ) and CARE (products and services that help healthcare professionals provide special care and consumers care for themselves).

The international standard I-REC is a non-commercial tool that provides a reliable system for tracking the origin of electricity around the world. The green certificate I-REC confirms that the electricity used by its owner is produced from renewable energy sources – sun, wind and water; Its validity period does not exceed one year. Active use of I-REC certificates in Russia began in 2020, and they are issued by all the largest producers of renewable energy.


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