Smolensk NPP made a public report on the environmental safety of the plant

On July 1, a public presentation of the 2021 Smolensk NPP Environmental Safety Report was given in Desnogorsk, which opened a series of meetings with the public in the area where the nuclear power plant operates. Representatives of the authorities, public organizations, health care, education, media, environmental scientists showed great interest in the activities of the Energy Foundation, and volunteers – active participants in environmental campaigns – made up a significant part of the audience.

“By providing objective information on the operation of the Smolensk NPP, we are confident that an open dialogue with the public inspires confidence in the nuclear industry,” said Anatoly Terlitsky, Deputy Director of the Smolensk NPP, which, in turn, is important for the further development of the Smolensk NPP, which in the short term will begin building Two modern power units with VVER-TOI reactors.

The Smolensk NPP is systematically approaching the implementation of environmental policy in accordance with the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation. The company has implemented a comprehensive approach to environmental impact management, which includes full accountability and openness to environmental performance indicators. Specialists at nuclear power plants constantly monitor radiation and the environmental situation. Reliable control means make it possible to obtain objective information indicating the minimum environmental impact of nuclear power plants.

“Monitoring has been carried out at the Smolensk NPP since 1980, the radiation background is at the level of normal values ​​- 0.07 – 0.14 μSv / h. The favorable condition of the ecosystems around the nuclear power plant, their compliance with established standards, said Yuri Ivchenko, head of the ORB External Radiation Monitoring Laboratory. Confirmed by the results of monitoring carried out by independent specialized organizations.

According to Svetlana Lubinskaya, head of the LLC, Smolensk NPP annually implements environmental protection measures aimed at maintaining the purity of the tank and atmospheric air, maintenance, modernization and scheduled repairs of NPP support equipment.

She emphasized that “caring for nature and rational use of natural resources is a consistent principle that Smolensk NPP follows in its productive activities.” At the same time, we strive not only to strictly adhere to the established requirements, but also to implement initiatives aimed at improving the environmental situation in the region and instilling an ecological culture among the population. The Department of Environmental Protection annually launches the all-Russian environmental campaigns “Green Spring” and “Water of Russia” in the city. In 2021, more than 200 people joined us. During the period of ecological subbotniks, the Desnogorsk territory, adjacent forest park strips and water protection zones were cleared of household waste.

Alexey Azarenkov, head of the medical unit No. 135 of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, noted that medical and demographic indicators indicate that there is no negative impact of the Smolensk NPP on the health of the population living in Desnogorsk and the neighboring region. for a nuclear power plant. In Desnogorsk, the birth rate is kept at approximately the same level and corresponds to the birth rate in the Smolensk region, and the death rate is much lower than in the region in general.

The activities of the Smolensk NPP have been marked by numerous certificates, awards, and letters of thanks from independent environmental and public organizations. In 2021, Smolensk NPP entered the top three of the safest companies in Rosatom, took second place in an organized eco-model competition, was awarded for active participation in the 2021 Green Spring Marathon and a significant contribution to environmental protection. The Clean Energy Project won the All-Russian competition “Best Environmental Volunteer Ensemble”. Not so long ago, the environmental education project of the Smolensk NPP “EcoLogic” became the winner of the international competition of the NGO Environmental Foundation. V.V. Vernadsky.

“We can say with confidence that everything is in line with the environment in Desnogorsk. Adhering to the principles of sustainable development and improving safety, the nuclear power plant carries out extensive work in the field of environmental protection and activities of active social significance, which deserve respect, ”Alexander Novikov, President of Desnogorsk, It sure is. “Thanks to the support of the nuclear industry, positive changes are taking place in Desnogorsk, education, culture and sports are supported, new public spaces appear, and the quality of life is improving.”

At the end of the presentation of the environmental report, the volunteers of Desnogorsk, who made a significant contribution to the preservation of the nature of their native land, were honored.

Similar public presentations of the environmental report of the SNPP were planned in Roslavl and Smolensk.

The 2021 Smolensk NPP Environmental Safety Report is available to all interested parties on the official website of the Rosenergoatom Concern JSC (Safety and Environment section of the Smolensk NPP page).

Expert opinion

Yuri Anatolyevich Evchenko, Head of the External Radiation Control Laboratory of the Radiation Safety Department of the Smolensk NPP: – Smolensk NPP has an integrated radiation monitoring system. It allows continuous monitoring of the state of the environment on the territory of the nuclear power plant. We take and analyze samples of soil, vegetation, precipitation, surface air, hydropiont, bottom sediments, fish, drinking water, and from surface water bodies. The results of the studied samples meet the requirements of sanitary standards and rules. Monitoring is carried out in accordance with current regulations, and its implementation is controlled by TsGiE No. 135 of the FMBA of Russia.

In the area where the nuclear power plant is located, 15 automated control points of the ARMS operate around the clock, data from which are transmitted in real time to the External Radiation Monitoring Laboratory of the Smolensk NPP, the crisis center of the concern Rosenergoatom, Rosatom, and local authorities. All relevant information on the radiation status can be found on the website

The results of research and monitoring show that over the four decades of operation of the Smolensk NPP, the level of the radiation background has never been exceeded and corresponds to normal values, which confirms the high reliability and safety of the nuclear power plant.

Svetlana Yurievna Lubinskaya, President Environmental Protection Department FromMolenskaya nuclear power station:

S.Yu.Lubenskaya– In order to maintain the sustainable state of ecosystems in the area of ​​its location and improve environmental performance, the Smolensk NPP annually plans and implements environmental measures. Some of them are aimed at maintaining the environmental cleanliness of the reservoir, others are aimed at preserving the biodiversity of flora and fauna in the area where the station is located, and many activities are carried out as part of the maintenance and modernization of the supporting equipment. These measures, as a rule, are aimed at preventing and eliminating negative effects on the environment.

One of the most important events is the stability of the tank with herbivorous fish species. It prevents algae from over-growing in the tank, reduces the amount of phytoplankton and thus improves water quality.

The State Corporation Rosatom has developed a plan to reduce the negative impact on the environment until 2025, which includes the activities of the Smolensk NPP. It aims to reduce the generation of waste of the first class of danger, improve energy efficiency, prevent the pollution of nature through production and consumption waste, eliminate the leakage of petroleum products into the soil and surface groundwater, reduce consumption in the production of ozone-depleting substances, and increase the efficiency of wastewater and water treatment Rainfall in wastewater treatment plants, maintaining and restoring natural ecosystems.

Also, the Smolensk NPP annually begins ecological campaigns in the city, during which trees and shrubs are planted, garbage is removed from the territory of Desnogorsk, adjacent forest parks and water protection zones. The implementation of environmental protection measures makes it possible to preserve the ecological well-being of the regions in the region where the Smolensk NPP is located.

He wenta ValerievnaDiamondAnd the deputyB JLavas Municipal Desnogorsk city, Smolensk region “:

Z in BrilliantovaI make a positive assessment of the environmental activities of the Smolensk NPP and can firmly say that everything is in line with the environment in Desnogorsk. Adhering to the principles of sustainable development and safety improvement, the nuclear power plant carries out extensive work in the field of environmental protection and activities of active social significance, which are worthy of respect. Thanks to the support of the nuclear industry, positive changes are taking place in Desnogorsk, education, culture and sports are supported, new public places appear, and the quality of life is improving.

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