In the EU, gas and nuclear power will become “green” technologies | News from Germany about Europe | DW

The European Parliament paved the way for investments in natural gas and nuclear energy to be recognized as sustainable, subject to certain conditions. At the meeting of the European Parliament on Wednesday, July 6, only 278 of the 639 deputies voted against such a decision, 328 opposed it and 33 abstained. A majority of 353 out of 705 votes was needed for a parliamentary veto.

Now it is only possible to prevent gas and nuclear energy from being recognized as “green” if at least 20 of the EU’s 27 countries use their veto. Experts consider this option highly unlikely. This means that the designation – the list of technologies that investors will have the right to market as “green” – could come into effect as early as 2023.

Controversial types of energy

France is at the forefront of advocating the recognition that nuclear energy is environmentally friendly. Nuclear power does not emit “greenhouse gases” that are harmful to the climate, but at the same time it is a source of radioactive waste. For their part, a number of EU countries, including Poland, consider gas a lesser evil for the environment than coal.

In the European Union, less controversial rating rules have already come into force this year, including for electric cars and building renovations.

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